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Sunday, August 26, 2012

On Monday August 27 there will be a call in to oppose Metro's 710 plan F-7 (from Carla Riggs)
We are asking everyone to call or email anyone they know in districts around Los Angeles County and ask them to call their Los Angeles County member and Los Angeles City Council representatives ON MONDAY to oppose the 710 tunnel project.  We have been told, off the record, that resident / taxpayers from all over the County need to call in to oppose using Measure R tax dollars for this project. 
 Here’s an example of an e-mail to send to friends and acquaintances in other areas of Los Angeles:
I’ve been working on the No 710 extension issue which is heating up now in the Pasadena area. The area in question is  labeled by Metro as plan F7.  We need people from all council districts in Los Angeles County to call their council representatives on MONDAY and OPPOSE this tunnel project.  Metro is proposing to  use Measure R taxpayer money to partially finance with private investors an estimated $3 - 14 billion tunnel construction project along Fair Oaks to the 210 freeway.  This would be a toll tunnel, the charge could be $10 per car, $15 per truck,  the revenues of which would be collected by private investors.   This toll tunnel is not designed to relieve local traffic congestion as Metro has affirmed.  The tunnel is being used to move cargo by truck from the Ports, circumventing the rail system, and providing revenue for investors.
 Please call your Los Angeles City Council representative on MONDAY 8-27 and tell them you OPPOSE the 710 plan F7 tunnel project.  The vote from the entire Los Angeles City Council will be on Tuesday.
 If you know people who would help in opposing this project, please forward this mail and ask them to call their Los Angeles City Council representatives in other Los Angeles Districts, and other Los Angeles County districts including Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank and Glendale.
 Thank you.