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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Proposed 710 Freeway Extension will desecrate our Foothill neighborhoods

 Phyllis' LA Real Estate Blog, Posted by Phyllis Harb at 8/27/2012 2:05 AM

Councilman Najarian is correct in what he states. Be thankful he is knowledgeable about the reality of this disaster.
The 710 connector is being pushed, because the ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles are being greatly expanded. This is also happening on the East Coast. Southern California is a larger hub for the newer, larger ships being used in shipping products from Asia and other countries.
The trucks coming into/out of the port will increase by 25%. Read the rest here
It’s a stretch of road that has been overwhelmed with traffic for decades, in large part because of the huge container trucks that carry goods to and from the ports. The freeway has more traffic collisions than similar highways in other parts of the state, a problem made more dangerous by the close proximity of cars with the much-larger trucks.
The congestion has led to significant air pollution and health problems along the 710 corridor, because the large trucks are stuck idling sometimes for hours above homes and businesses. Soot and chemicals released by their engines clog the air in the neighborhoods, which have high levels of asthma and cancer.  Read the rest here
More information found at the No on 710 Action Committee website 
As a Realtor, I am in the home ownership business.  I believe one should own a home because it will improve the quality of one’s life.  If you believe that more trucks on our freeways will negatively impact our lives, health and the value of our homes, you need to make your feelings known.  Please take a moment to express the following:
I oppose the current plans for any expansion of the 710 freeway into the Pasadena/Foothills areas.  And I oppose any alternate highway routes utilizing the 110 freeway which will negatively impact homeowners in the Foothills, specifically Pasadena, Glendale, La Canada and Eagle Rock. Please consider utilizing the railroads for shipping freight from the Los Angeles docks. 
Your emails should be sent to Metroboard@wpra.net