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Thursday, November 15, 2012

PM 2.5 exposure

An email from John Cole:

    The 710 Project is designed to facilitate diesel trucking from Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors.  Since 1997, the EPA has regulated PM 2.5, a product of all diesel engines which kills after long-term exposure.    Persons with asthma, emphysema metabolic syndrome, and those over 75 are the most severely affected.  
PM 2.5 particles are so small that the normal filters in the nose and throat cannot stop it and it cannot be exhaled.    It can cause cardiac  arrhythmia.   It is also a short-term exposure killer.   The EPA, in both the New England Journal of Medicine and before Congress has said that there is no safe level of PM 2.5.
If the 710 is expanded the increase of both pulmonary and cardiac incidents among those living near the freeway will increase  greatly.   One can talk forever about tunnels and traffic, but don't forget that PM 2.5 comes with it.   There should be a very legitimate environmental health challenge to the expansion.   
Will keep you advised about this.   Remember, PM 2.5 is so small that it can't be filtered but can get in your lungs.