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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rebuttal to Joe Cano's post on Facebook

This was  first posted December 11, 2010, but I am reposting it as there has been a rebuttal to it.

 No on 710 Extension

Posted by Joe Cano on the No on Avenue 64 Facebook page

The corporate PR machine is in full throttle because Metro is in trouble. Every Metro henchman is out and about trying to pawn this off on the public, from the Mayor of Alhambra Barbara Messina' insults, to ... Bob Huddy (Santa's evil elf) a transportation hack that along with a former mayor of Monterey Park that support the tunnel, also came to insult our intelligence. Mr. Huddy whined about traffic when he needs to get to his appointments . With so many freeways in this part of the state, if you don't know how to get around, then you has no business in the transportation racket.

 Huddy questions our reasoning when he makes a statement that he expels so much more pollutants sitting in traffic and his solution is to build a tunnel that will multiply the exhaust output. He is a consultant and he cares nothing about victims of this monstrosity. At the mic I waved my house keys at him and challenged him to trade our home in the portal area with his and asked him how long it would take for the property value to drop once construction started. He ran out door before I could finish.
I  (Peggy Drouet) received the following e-mail from Bob Huddy in response to my posting of Joe Cano's Facebook post.
But first I want to reply to some items in Mr. Huddy's e-mail to me: 
Mr. Huddy, you used the term "your organization" and "your organizations [sic] blog." There is no organization. There is only me and one other person, who, as a great favor to me, posts while I am on a trip. I alone am responsible for all that is posted on this blog except for any comments that people leave at the end of an article, which they are responsible for, as is the case on websites that allow comments. I do not belong to any 710 Yes or 710 No or any neighborhood organization. In fact, the only organizations that I belong to are AARP, AAA, Kaiser, and the Pasadena Senior Citizens Center. 
Additionally, Mr. Huddy, you wrote: "I dare you to have the integrity to post this reply...." I don't understand why you wrote this. Why wouldn't I post your response?
 The e-mail that I received from Bob Huddy:
Your organization has chosen to reprint a scurrilous personal attack on me and my credibility by a Mr. Joe Cano.

It should be noted that I have always opposed the surface 710 alternative for over 30 years.   It was the wrong solution, destroyed our heritage and urban environment, and it is unnecessary to reduce congestion, save time, money, fuel, and reduce greenhouse gases, because we can put the cars into a tunnel.   And, I have always opposed the Avenue 64 alternative route, proposed as an alternative alignment, by the 710 opponents themselves, to try to divide and mislead the community on this important issue.    I support the tunnel alternative because as a professional, I know that we can achieve real benefits for our environment and quality of life without destroying our urban environment. 

Below is my response to Mr. Cano’s polemic diatribe, not against arguments, but, against me personally, which you chose to post, on your organizations blog.  
I dare you to have the integrity to post this reply to these personal attacks from Mr. Joe Cano posted on your website.  
Bob Huddy

Below, in italic, is my response per Mr. JoeCano’s interesting commentary posted on your Blog attacking my personal credibility, professional background, and integrity regarding my views on the 710 Tunnel option now under environmental review: 

Maybe, I just don't as much as Joe Cano does, about air quality or travel behavior? 

After all, in the world according to Joe Cano, I'm just some kind of “hack”, isn’t that right Mr. Cano?   And, you’re obviously the real “expert” on air quality and travel behavior, right?

Yep, I’m just a hack who has only spent 46 years in the transportation business, from operations to planning, from transit to highways, from economics to environmental impacts, in the public, and the private sectors, so what would I know? 

I've only had a career that managed the largest freeway travel behavior user surveys ever conducted, and only spent a dozen or so years on the Pasadena Transportation Advisory Commission establishing the ARTS Bus system, starting Pasadena’s Dial-a-Ride, planning and fighting for the Gold Line completion, and the extension to Glendora.   So yeah, maybe I'm only a transportation “hack”, but, I do know my way around Southern California and its travel patterns and issues pretty well, thanks.  

And, yes it is rather self-centered of me to want to live in Pasadena, where I was born, and yet still want to save time and money, to reduce unnecessary fuel use, and reduce greenhouse emissions.   Maybe, I could live closer to where my clients want to meet as you have suggested in other posts.   I should be able to do that right after Mr. Cano’s revolutionary elite comes to power.   After this revolution, Mr. Cano’s new Housing “Commissar” should be able to find me a new house every night close to every meeting I have with my clients, no matter where they’re located, right?  

In the world according to Cano, I’m not just an ordinary “hack”, but rather, I’m the worst kind of self centered “hack”.   I’m an especially evil “hack” who uses the freeway to travel and provide clients services in our increasingly competitive economic system.  Yes, I’m just such a self centered sob of the first order, for wanting to make a living, and eat, right Mr. Cano?   

Maybe I’m considered, by you, to be just a “hack”, because I only have a degree in economics and a professional certificate in commercial transportation from lowly Cal State LA?.  Maybe, you consider me a “hack” because I’ve only managed and participated in a few hundred transportation planning projects and studies in my career?  Or, maybe I’m a “hack” because I’ve  published peer reviewed professional papers, presented at dozens of professional conferences, or have been asked to serve on professional committees, or on the Boards of advocacy groups, and on various public advisory panels? 

Since, in the world according to Joe Cano, I’m just a transportation “hack”, I probably don't know or care much about air quality, either, do I? 

How could I know or care about air quality issues after having spent nearly 20 years of my career on the Mobile Source Air Pollutions Reduction Committee’s (MSRC), Technical Advisory Committee, or, on occasions, acting as the voting alternate on the Committee, for Mayor Roberts, from the City of Temecula, in my role as a “hack”?  

Of course, just in case you don't know what AB2766 did, maybe I should enlighten you.  AB 2766  set up a committee, the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reductions Committee, made up of elected officials from around the region, to allocate funding for implementing new on-road air pollution reduction technologies.  In my time on the MSRC, the AB 2766 program I was asked to analyze, recommend, and occasionally even approve funding nearly a half a billion dollars worth of emission lowering technologies and programs, including clean transit buses, clean school buses, clean construction equipment, electric vehicles, e-bikes, bike commuting programs, ridesharing, and telecommuting. 

And so, having seen a reduction of over 90% in particulate exposure (PM 2.5-largely related to reductions in oxides of nitrogen from heavy duty vehicles) in the last decade, from stringent regulations and the success of those air quality technologies, it’s quite clear that I must not know very much about air pollution, because in the world according to Joe Cano, I’m just a “hack”, right?

So, since I am just a “hack” in my field, I would like to know, from you, Mr. Cano, what exactly are your professional qualifications and/or accomplishments in this field?    

Or maybe, there’s an alternative hypothesis which explains your recent dubious attacks upon me? 

Maybe it’s you, Mr. Cano, who is the real “hack” on this issue? 

Maybe it’s you, who has been forced by the power of what I said before the City Council this week, to resort to the use dubious emotional rhetoric and personal diatribes against me, because you are unable to respond with intellectually sound arguments to the issues I’ve raised, regarding the existing and very real negative impacts from the 710 gap on our community, which are affecting us all, right now?

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas,
Santa's evil elf,
Bob Huddy

Comment from me (Peggy Drouet) to Mr. Huddy

Mr. Huddy, I am not going to reply for Joe Cano to your e-mail. I do not know him, but from his postings on Facebook, I do know that he can take care of himself--he doesn't need any help from me.