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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 CHILDREN'S-August 27, 2012
The City of Pasadena has been asked to task the City's Public Health Department to assess the risk that could come to Pasadena and neighboring communities if a 710 extension comes to Pasadena.  On Monday, August 27 - 1:30pm - at Pasadena's Central Library - the 120th anniversary of the Public Health Department will be celebrated and the Pasadena 2012 Quality of Life Index will be presented. Mayor Bogaard will be present. This City agency could provide critical resources in the months to come and we would be wise to become familiar with it and its workings. And what a better opportunity: Mayor Bogaard sharing his concerns about Pasadena's quality of life. Plan to come. Bring your children if you can. The future of the air they will have to breath is at stake. 

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Health affects of Diesel Engine Exhaust

From Weston DeWalt:

On June 12, 2012, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, classified diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans based on sufficient evidence that exposure is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer.

A report on South Pasadena City Council meeting 8/20/12

From John Shaffer and Weston DeWalt
The South Pasadena City Council never got to discussing the resolution last night.  They took over 4 HOURS to deal with a massage parlor license dispute, and it was after 11 pm before they even started the 710.  Weston DeWalt spoke about Measure A and why South Pasadena should encourage Pasadena to change its views on ALL 710 routes.  The South Pasadena City Council discussed strategy for a while, and decided that City Council Members would approach their counterparts in surrounding cities to try to get them to support South Pasadena's position.  As you know, one of the council members (Dr. Richard Schneider) is already doing that (he spoke last Monday at the Pasadena meeting).  Another member (Putnam) expressed his view that the Avenue 64 routes will be taken off the table for the same reasons that lobbyist Nat Read suggested -- that Metro doesn't want to deal with loud objectors, and we fall into that category.  All the more reason for us to remain loud, but also good reason for us to remember that the 710 is bad for all communities.

So due to the lateness of the hour, the South Pasadena City Council did not vote to reaffirm their position.  This agenda item will be scheduled on a future date.

Please note that the resolution, previously approved on July 20, 2012, was being submitted to South Pasadena City Council last night in order to consider any changes, additions, etc.  So for now, the resolution represents the City's position.

 Reminder:  Meeting on Wednesday, August 22

Church of the Angels
1100 Avenue 64

Starts at 6:30 pm ......    limited parking available ....  best to walk or carpool

Meeting will be outdoors, on the lawn, next to the church.  
There will be 200 chairs, so be prepared and bring a lawn chair or blanket/towel to sit on.  

 SR -710 Tunnel Technical Studies TAC/SC Kick-off Meeting July 15, 2008

A very interesting group of slides can be viewed in this article:


Especially note Slides 8-20. Some of the slides illustrate different tunnel placement options, but that only two of those options will be studied because, Slide 20, "We can only do detailed analysis of two options" and "Any additional options will further delay the schedule and drive up the cost of this effort." So, not all tunnel placement options were studied.

San Gabriel Valley roundup: Pasadena blasts 710 extension plans (Glendale News-Press, posted Aug. 21, 2012)

Freeway Extension
A person walks his dogs past a sign opposed to the 710 Freeway being built on the 300 block of Avenue 64 in Pasadena on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. (Raul Roa, Staff Photographer)
Good morning, readers. Today is Monday, August 20. Pasadena city officials are not pleased with any of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency’s proposed routes for the Long Beach (710) Freeway extension.
The city is exploring ways to overturn a 2001 voter initiative that formally offered the city’s support for an extension that would connect the freeway to the Foothill (210) Freeway in Pasadena from its current terminus in Alhambra. Pasadena Sun
 Agenda Report - Metropolitan Transportation Authority SR-710

Although this surface route would connect the l-10 and I-210 freeway, it is not considered a “710 Freeway extension” and therefore opposing the alternative ...

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