Tanji Sue Cate on extending the 710 Freeway: They are at it again. After decades of failing to extend the 710 freeway through Pasadena, the transportation higher-ups are now trying to push the freeway into our neighborhood with an ABSURD plan to wind a freeway through some of the most historic and naturally beautiful parts of Los Angeles, destroying history, culture, historic homes, including homes of real Angelino residents and businesses in its path ... thinking they might be able to get away with it. But they haven't gotten a load of US!

Tom Joyce: Takes me back to the days in 1971 when the 210 went through my grocery Store. We did not fight the route and I am glad I did not. The real estate business is much better for me and my family. The people I met in those good old days went far in making my real estate career successful. I thank heavens every day for the freeway going through Joyce's Market.

arestop: They got it right on the Avenue 64 and the Huntington Drive/Fair Oaks routes but completely wrong on the tunnel. The tunnel is the way to go to close this gap. Enough of NIMBYism