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Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Marino City Council Votes 'Yes' on 710

San Marino City Council voted to Support the 710 Extension

The San Marino City Council voted to reaffirm their support of the completion of the 710 Extension. 
4 out of 4 votes yes. 

Comment by Gretchen Knudsen
San Marino voted to reaffirm their outdated 2006 resolution to support the 710 extension. 
Four speakers spoke in support of the 710 Extension, which included the Mayor of Alhambra, 
Alhambra's consultant, and two residents of San Marino.  The opposition filled the city hall 
and spilled out into the hallway.

Comment by Vicki Kea
The council chambers has a capacity of only 49 (Very small).  I was told that the council did 
not want to allow our side to speak, but they were told that would not be such a good idea. 
It was all for show.

The San Marino City Council stated that we should leave the decision-making to the 
"experts" (meaning Metro and CalTrans folks).  Therefore, whatever we put out there needs to 
be backed up with a source, even in our flyers. They have experts but so do we. 
They (proponents of the 710 extension) see us as uninformed zealots on a tangent 
(tree huggers as I've seen us called).  We need to cite our experts when we talk and when we 
write letters and make flyers.  Just my observations.