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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Corrected Email, Unhappy at the 710 Mtg, Measure J

 Problems sending emails to Malcolm Dougherty

Many, including myself, have had problems emailing Malcolm Dougherty.  I called his office
and spoke to Shari (916) 654-5267.  She told me the email address I was using was correct.
I forwarded the mail delivery failure message to her.  She said we could also use:

However, she also told me that any emails from a GMAIL or AOL account will go directly to SPAM
For those that have a Gmail or AOL account, it would be best to call Shari, email the message to
her at aa_to_director@dot.ca.gov.  She will check her spam folder for the email and forward it to Malcolm Dougherty.

Panelists blast 710 extension at Pasadena Forum

( Measure J would be another financial disaster for California... however, I doubt that this proposition has anything to do with civil rights.
 Invitation to Community Forum on Measure J

       Thursday, September 20  -   6pm

         Central American Resource Center 
         2845 W 7th Street
         Los Angeles

                                        Strategy Center

Action Alert
Sept 13, 2012

Community Forum on Measure J, Sept 20th @ 6pm

Learn more about MTA's proposal to extend the sales tax

In November, LA County MTA is asking you to tax yourself again with a proposal to extend a sales tax until 2069! In 2009, they raised the sales tax with big promises to improve transit, but in fact what they gave bus riders was a hefty fare increase and major cuts in our bus service (nearly a million hours in the last 3 years).
Measure J would give MTA a blank check to accelerate the destruction of the bus system and violate our Civil Rights. Multi-billion dollar corporations are promoting Measure J on the ballot because they will earn billions in rail and highway expansion projects that we don't even need-all the while building high-end condos, hotels and shopping centers that will displace Black, Latino and Asian-Pacific Islander working class people from our own neighborhoods. To read more about Measure J.
Join us in saying No to Measure J! On Thursday, September 20th, we will be having a community forum to discuss MTA's corporate welfare tax. At the Central American Resource Center at 2845 W 7th Street, starting at 6pm. You can RSVP at our Facebook event page.

Sunyoung Yang
Sunyoung Yang 
Bus Riders Union Lead Organizer

Last Night's Meeting w/ Engineers & More

Last nights meeting in Pasadena was very well done.  There were over 400 people in attendance.   
Each of the Panelists gave an informative presentation.   The question and answer period was well 
orchestrated and impressive.  There was so much information given as to why a tunnel should not 
be built.  I felt like I was at a NO 710 rally.  I'm thankful that the event was recorded, because I 
need to watch it again.  I'll be checking the City of Pasadena website for a link.  Thanks to Council 
Member Steve Madison, Taka Suzuki, and Claire Bogaard, for putting this event together.
See article below for more detail.

Now for the Important part:

At the end of the meeting Assemblyman Portantino spoke and rallied the crowd.  He
told us we need to continue showing up in numbers at every meeting and event to 
show our leaders we will not take this plan.  We now have the momentum and it's
time for action.  Ending his speech with a request that we all contact the following 
officials and ask them to "Not to Build the 710 Tunnel" in Los Angeles County. 

Malcom Dougherty, Caltrans Director      

Brian Kelly, Acting Secretary, Business Transportation and Housing Agency

Joseph Tavaglione, Chairman California Transportation Commission
Include:  Please forward this email to Joseph Tavaglione

Governor:  Jerry Brown
Please choose your subject:  select  CALTRANS
2.  Article about the Meeting