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Friday, September 21, 2012

Pasadena Council to Take NO Action on 710 F-7
Date: Sep 20, 2012 10:32 PM
I have just been notified by City Manager Michael Beck that the Pasadena City Council will not be considering whether to oppose the F-7 tunnel at the City Council meeting on Monday, September 24, 2012.  He has explained, after months of Pasadena residents asking that the issue be dealt with promptly, that:  "It is incumbent upon us to clarify whether or not the City Council should feel bound by Measure A or not."       
He went on to say that:  "The Metro Board is not expected to agendize any discussion on the 710 before November."  If true, this means that the Pasadena City Council would not have to deal with the contentious 
F-7 question until after election day, a convenience to candidates running for State offices who have been asked to openly declare their positions
Aside from the taking of legal action at this point, the only option that I can see now is to petition the Public Integrity Division of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and ask it to consider if Pasadena City officials have been purposely impeding action on the F-7 matter in violation of a City ordinance.
A question to recipients of this email: Have any of you read or been informed that METRO would not be acting on 710 issues prior to November?
My thanks to all who have written and emailed their Councilmembers and Mayor Bogaard during the past months, asking that they respond promptly to citizen concerns.
Weston DeWalt

on Monday, SEPTEMBER 24, 2012

 "The Missing Link" Photos

Posted by John Picone on No on Measure J Facebook page

Good photo essay "on the streets" regarding...
John Picone 12:17pm Sep 21
Photos: Transportation officials pursuing 710 Freeway, “The Missing Link”, opposed by some local cit
The 710 Freeway has long been a point of contention between transportation officials who call it “The Missing Link” and some local cities and residents who fear that extending the freeway from I-10 to I-210 will result in air pollution, traffic congestion and threaten historic structures. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority is currently studying a set of five different options to fill a twin-bore underground freeway tunnel.