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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quotes from Elected Officials who are
Against the SR-710 Extension

Federal Congressman

Adam Schiff  U.S. Congressman, 29th District. District Map

Quote: "The environmental review process Metro is engaged in has been excessively focused on the tunnel option. I have expressed my concern over Metro's apparent rush to judgment on a tunnel option many times, but without success. This has only confirmed what many in the community suspected, that Metro was once again starting with the conclusion it wished to reach and working backwards.

I urge Metro to give full and serious consideration as to how funds for a tunnel project could be better spent. I suspect that for less than the actual cost of a tunnel, Metro would have the funds necessary to undertake all of the remaining options under consideration -- combined. These options, transportation system management, bus rapid transit and light-rail would help move people in an environmentally friendly manner without disrupting our long-established neighborhoods.

We can and we must pursue better options than constructing a tunnel for meeting our future transportation needs. I look forward to continuing our work on this vital issue, and appreciate your consideration of my thoughts on the way forward.

Source: Letter to Metro Board on 710 Options. Spetember 20, 2012

State Senate

Carol Liu State Senator, 21st District, District Map (PDF)

Quote: To summarize, the tunnel option is not feasible, not now, not ever, for several reasons. It is too expensive, it is too disruptive, it does not solve the problem of growing truck traffic, it would open at an already congested and unacceptable operating level, and it would divert money from many more worthy transportation projects that have broad-based public support.

Source: Letter to Metro Board(PDF). September 25th, 2012

State Assemblymembers

Anthony Portantino, Assemblymember, 44th District. District Map

Quote: “When you have a project of this magnitude, with this many unanswered questions, manipulations and false information, one has to wonder why decision makers aren’t immediately putting a halt to this insanity. It’s a fraud being perpetrated upon the taxpayers of California at the expense of taxpayers and the quality of life of those neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley which will be devastated by a project that is unwelcome and disastrous.”

Source: Portantino Demands that State Transportation Officials Stop 710 Extension. Press Release,
 Official website of Assemblymember Anthony Portantino  August 22, 2012

Greg Krikorian Candidate for the Assembly 43rd District seat District Map 

Quote: "The increased air pollution and the disruption to local neighborhoods will cause much more harm than good. The SR-710 extension is simply unnecessary, and its continued study is another example of mismanagement at the state level. I am committed to representing constituents, not special interests, and I oppose the proposed extension of the 710 Freeway."

Source: Outcry Against 710 Tunnel Plan for Southern California.  Azbarez Armenian News. 
September 20, 2012

Mike Gatto Assemblymember and Candidate for the Assembly 43rd District District Map

Quote:  "A recent article ("Leader: Stop 710-gap plans," Aug. 23) implied my support of the 710 extension. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been, and continue to be, opposed to the extension of the Long Beach (710) Freeway in any form."
Source: Gatto does not support 710 extension.  La Cañada Valley Sun.  Opinion Page.  August 29, 2012

City Council Members


Ara Najarian Metro Board Member & Council member, City of Glendale

Quote: “The purpose of this letter is to reiterate the position of the City of Glendale vis-a-vis the SR710 gap closure project. The City of Glendale remains consistent with Resolution No. 09-111 as approved by the Glendale City Council on July 28, 2009, which addresses the tunnel feasibility specifically and the general subject of “gap closure” alternatives for the SR 710 freeway from I-10 to SR 134/I-210. On behalf of my colleagues and the citizens of Glendale I want to reiterate our opposition to the SR 710 tunnel alternative or any “gap closure” alternative that has or could be developed.  I would like to express our opposition as well to the continued effort and expenditure of tax payer monies in exploring, studying or developing any type of “gap closure” project. We do not believe that any type of “gap closure” alternative is in the best interest of the City or the region. We would like to express our belief and desire to instead look at other alternatives to addressing the concerns of mobility, congestion and the movement of freight from our ports. These alternatives would include the expansion of mass transit systems, upgrades and improvements to existing infrastructure and limiting the long distance movement of cargo/freight from our ports to only rail.  

Again, the position of the City of Glendale is clear in this matter and we remain opposed to any other gap closure alternatives.”

Source: Letter from Ara Najarian to Doug Failing of Metro. October 8, 2010

La Canada Flintridge

Stephen Del Guercio, Laura Olhasso, Dave Spence, Don Voss Council members, City of La Cañada Flintridge

Quote: “Among the challenges is the health threat presented to our community by the proposed northward extension of the 710 Freeway, which I have vigorously opposed.”

Source: The Race Is On for City Council. La Canada Outlook. February, 24, 2011


along with Dave Spence, Stephen Del Guercio and Laura Olhasso, members of  La Canada Flintridge City Council, participated in a unanimous decision to adopt Resolution 10-12.

Quote from Resolution 12-12:  “NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of La Canada Flintridge opposes any approval or expenditure of funds related to the proposed SR-710 tunnel project and the state adopted surface alternative, neither of which have passed CEQA review, and finds that both alternatives are ineffective, 20th-century solutions for the existing regional congestion problems, which require 21st-century solutions.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of La Cañada Flintridge calls on Metro, Caltrans and SCAG to find other new, effective alternatives to these projects, including those alternatives using rail as the mode of transportation, which will truly solve the region's congestion problems.
PASSED, APPROVED and ADOPTED this 29th Day of March, 2010.”

Source: City of La Cañada Flintridge website. March 28, 2010

Los Angeles

Jose Gardea, Candidate for Highland Park and Mount Washington region District Map

Quote: "I'm absolutely against it. When you look at a project like the tunnel project and the alternatives that are proposed, you're looking at bad planning. You're not working with community; you're not working with neighborhoods. It's just contrary to what we believe in in terms of good planning. It's easy for for me to say I'm opposed to it. You can talk about job creation, you can talk about moving cargo, but it doesn't replace good planning. So, I'm against it, and I'll do whatever I can in my power to fight any other "good ideas" they may have."

Source: Candidate Jose Gardea Answers Questions at Mount Washington
Association Meeting


Steve Madison Pasadena City Council member, District 6, District Map

Quote: “Many of you have contacted me about the appalling 710 Freeway routes that METRO/Caltrans has proposed. As you know, back in 2000, I proposed and achieved passage of a resolution by the City Council opposing the completion of the 710 in Pasadena. Thereafter, in March 2001, the residents of Pasadena voted on a local ballot initiative reversing the Council’s resolution, and proposing instead that the policy of the City be to support the completion of the 710. At that time the a surface route along Pasadena Avenue was the option being proposed. Since then, Caltrans proposed a tunnel project and now METRO and Caltrans have proposed several options that would have a devastating impact on our neighborhoods and our quality on life in West Pasadena. Let me be clear: I vigorously oppose all of the METRO/Caltrans routes.”

Source: District 6: Council member Steve Madison webpage. City of Pasadena website. July 19, 2012

South Pasadena

Bob Joe South Pasadena City Council Member

Quote: “No 710—surface or tunnel. When I was on the 710 Tunnel Technical Advisory Committee, I was very concerned with the potential health impacts from the emission ventilation towers and the very expensive cost estimate to do the tunnel. There are others alternatives to consider that are more viable and a lot less expensive to the tunnel options: expand the light rail line; improve the bus system; and distribute the containers from the ports by rail”

Source: Candidate Q&A: The 710 Freeway. South Pasadena Patch. November 2, 2011

Marina Khubesrian, M.D.  South Pasadena City Council Member

Quote: “To clarify, I am strongly opposed to a 710 tunnel in this region, and have compared it to an invasive, costly, and dangerous medical procedure that will make symptoms (more surface and truck traffic) worse. There should be no doubts as to my commitment to defeat attempts from CalTrans or Metro to shove a 710 tunnel freeway beneath our city.”

Source: Metro Awards $37.3 Million for 710 Environmental Study (Response to reader comment). South Pasadena Patch. October 27, 2011

Richard Schneider, M.D.  South Pasadena City Council Member

Quote: “My position is unequivocal, NO EXTENSION OF THE 710 IN ANY FORM! I have always opposed the freeway in any form for some of the following reasons: It will not solve the traffic problem in the corridor; it would, in fact, increase the traffic and pollution; it would be an environmental disaster for South Pasadena and our neighbors; it would produce serious health hazards for everyone, and for seniors and children in particular; the cost for construction, operation and maintenance are prohibitive.

Light rail for commuters and heavy rail for goods movement from the ports are more cost effective, efficient and environmentally responsible. For the billions a tunnel would cost, light rail lines could be constructed throughout L.A. County, providing seamless connectivity that commuters want.”

Source: Candidate Q&A: The 710 Freeway. South Pasadena Patch. November 2, 2011

San Rafael Neighborhoods Association Meeting

For Immediate Release
Ron Paler, President


 San Rafael Neighborhoods Association
General Monthly Meeting
Oct. 3rd, 7pm
Church of the Angels
1100 Ave. 64

SRNA will hold its monthly General Meeting on October 3, 2012, at  7PM, at the Church of the Angels Church Hall located at 1100 Ave 64, Pasadena, Ca. Light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited.

The general meeting is for interested neighbors to meet SRNA and other neighbors, get updates on the issues affecting our neighborhoods, and receive input from the people of the San Rafael Neighborhoods. Please see the agenda below. We hope to see you there. 

SRNA General Monthly Meeting
Oct 3, 2012
1.   Welcome

2.   710 Update-Monica Shaffer

3.   San Rafael School Update-Mary Dee Romney/Mary Beth Bridges

4.   Fire Station 39 Update-Stan Clark

5.   NFL Rose Bowl Update-Ron Paler

6.   "Occupy" Movement in San Rafael area

7.   Community Issues of Concern-General Public

San Rafael Neighborhoods Association

"The San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA) mission is to enhance and maintain the character and quality of all San Rafael neighborhoods through advocacy and an activated community." 

For more information and to join us, please visit: www.srnapasadena.org
Help needed to host a 710 Forum in El Sereno

Message from Marie Salas:   marielna@sbcglobal.net

Our No on 710 in El Sereno committee will be hosting a tenant forum in the El Sereno corridor.  We do not have the funds to rent an auditorium.  Nevertheless, we are proceeding with having it in one of the Caltrans properties that can hold up to 200 people.

We are scheduling this Tenant Forum on Saturday, October 20th on Sheffield Avenue from 3-7pm.

Topics include: The history, Caltrans rental rights, SB204 & Roberti bill "where do we go from here?", State audit, tunnel, health/air pollution, Measure J, and short 710 film at the end of the forum.  We have speakers confirmed for most of the topics except the following:

  • An expert on the topic of air pollution
  • An attorney for rental rights as a Caltrans tenant
  • A physician on the topic on health related issues when living by a freeway/tunnel
  • An expert on the topic related to the tunnel/EIR process.

These are all 15 minute presentations with questions from the audience at the end of their presentation.  So a maximum of time for each will be a 15 minute presentation with questions from the audience after each presentation.  We will keep it no more than 30 minutes in total for each presenter. 

We are attempting to mimic what we have seen at the most recent forums only a bit more humbling atmosphere (due to funds).  So if anyone can help me get these experts to come out to El Sereno it will help us tremendously with a successful forum. 

I need this information asap.

Thank you.

Marie Salas
(323) 227-1409 (feel free to call me for more info).