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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photos: San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments’ (COG) Transportation Forum


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Posted Oct 03, 2012
Area officials meet at the Duarte Community Center for the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments’ (COG) Transportation Forum Oct. 3, 2012.

Pasadena residents: We don’t want the NFL in the Rose Bowl


BCS National Championship - Alabama v Texas Getty Images
The people trying to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles say they’re ready to do it next season, putting an NFL team in a Southern California stadium in 2013 and then moving the team to the downtown Farmers Field when it’s ready to open in a few years. The two Southern California stadiums that could host an NFL team in 2013 are the Rose Bowl and L.A. Coliseum.

People who live near the Rose Bowl are rooting for the Coliseum.

The Pasadena Sun reports that residents came out to declare their opposition at a public meeting on the issue Wednesday, noting that traffic, noise and trash are among the issues that will come along with 10 NFL games a year at the Rose Bowl. As anyone who has driven to a game at the Rose Bowl can tell you, traffic and parking in the area are a nightmare on game days, and people who live in Pasadena want to limit those nightmares to the college games the Rose Bowl already hosts.

Some residents say the NFL will bring out worse fans than college games.

“NFL games are different than UCLA games. The crowds are much tougher. You’ve got much more alcohol,” said resident Don Orsi, who also said that Pasadena should request that “the Raiders not be included as a possible NFL team.”

At this point it appears unlikely that any NFL team will play in the Rose Bowl next year. Which is just how the locals want it.

Go to the article to see some of the nasty comments made about Pasadena residents.