710 tunnel not free I applaud Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard's quest for clarity. To further the quest I would like to point out why this latest incarnation of a proposed 710 freeway extension is not a freeway, not a solution to our regional transportation problems, and it is not legal.
A toll tunnel is not a freeway: The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) analysis for the for a full bore tunnel (actually 2 parallel tunnels), shows it as "unconstrained" that is, unable to be funded and paid for by a combination of state and federal resources. It is only possible to do as a public/private partnership (PPP).
A toll road/tunnel is by definition not free - therefore it is not a "freeway." Since the 10-year-old Pasadena referendum specifically lists the 710 extension as a freeway, there should be no conflict with the current City Council voting their conscience with a new resolution that incorporates the latest facts.
Throughout its troubled 60-year history the 710 extension has been listed as a state route (SR-710), not an interstate highway project. Since Caltrans was allowed to move forward in 1997, SCAG has analyzed the proposed SR-710 without truck traffic - that's right - truck free!
SCAG's tunnel analysis now includes showing more than double the capacity of traffic (120,000 cars) moving through this corridor. SCAG, Caltrans and Metro experts have wildly varied ideas and assumptions about the cost and what to


include in the cost (between $1 billion and $14 billion dollars), and SCAG's analysis reflects this. It uses a toll figure of $6 to $12per vehicle - one way - to travel 4.7miles underground! It begs credulity that anyone other than truck companies short-cutting through the San Gabriel valley could afford this. The proof of this is that SCAG now considers trucks in its
analysis, and SCAG's traffic study shows service level F (failure) at the 134/210/710 intersection extending through the tunnel, through Glendale out to Burbank, through La Canada Flintridge out to La Crescenta, and through Pasadena out to Monrovia!
It should now be apparent to anyone who uses these freeways at "rush hour" just how much misery
 250,000 more trucks and cars would bring to our regional commuters.