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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bus Riders Union, Crenshaw Subway Coalition, Union de Vecinos, L.A. Groups Join Beverly Hills to Fight Measure J 

Posted Tuesday, October 16–12:02 PM
By Matt Lopez and Marla Schevker

Beverly Hills isn’t the only city Metro is trying to destroy. Dozens of community leaders and concerned residents from areas like Boyle Heights, Crenshaw and Pasadena came together with Beverly Hills Tuesday morning in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles to speak out against Measure J, Metro’s “blank check” that will extend the half-cent Measure R sales tax another 30 years to 2069.

“I know the record of Metro and safety,” said Professor Melina Abdullah, parent of two students at View Park Prep School, which sits on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue. “I know that when we see a train coming down the middle of the street, we are inviting them to murder our children.”

Beverly Hills Vice Mayor John Mirisch, Board of Education President Brian Goldberg, boardmembers Lisa Korbatov and Lewis Hall and Southwest Homeowners Association President Ken Goldman stood in opposition with a slew of other diverse groups from across Los Angeles. Others at the press conference to speak out against Measure J included the Bus Riders Union, the Crenshaw Subway Coalition, the No On 710 Action Committee, Union de Vecinos, the Council of Black Political Organizations and the Congress of Racial Equality.

“We’re coming together, opposed to the MTA becoming an ATM for the one percent, the developers and the contractors,” said Damien Goodmon of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition. “This agency cannot be trusted with our tax dollars.”

Many spoke about how Metro’s faulty studies either already were, or were likely in the future, wreaking havoc on their communities. Alma Salcido from Union de Vecinos talked of how the lower income communities in Los Angeles have been affected by Metro’s cavalier policies. Salcedo lives in Boyle Heights, where many were impacted by construction although Metro told the community they would be protected.

“When the Gold Line was constructed and entered into our community, many were displaced from their homes and many local businesses that had been the fabric of our community (were displaced),” she said.

 In Pasadena, Metro wants to connect the two areas of the 710 freeway in the 710 North Gap Closure project. Despite having five options including light rail and bus transit, Metro favors tunneling, an option that just about nobody in the five impacted communities supports.

“You’ll be hearing about how Measure J is going to bring jobs to the community,” said Janet Dodson of the No on 710 Action Committee. “It will only be bringing jobs to [corporations such as Parsons Brinckerhoff] and the contractors that work for these people.”

Goldman, who has advocated against the Westside Subway Extension tunneling underneath Beverly Hills High School in favor of the Santa Monica Boulevard station just one block North, called the cross section of communities and residents coming together to fight Measure J “incredible.”

“Residents across Los Angeles County [are] united in urging you to vote no on Measure J,” He said. “We say no to Metro’s disregard for the wishes of the residents across Los Angeles County. We say no to their disregard for safety. We say no to their blatant favoritism for the one percent, for those corporate developers, and we say no to Measure J.”
The 710 Loser Video

By Patrizzi Intergalactica


Very good video!
Letter to Pasadena City Attorney, Michelle Bagneris

 (Many of you may know that countless requests from different individuals have been made to our City Attorney, Michelle Bagneris, concerning public records of meetings and other information regarding the 710 connector.
The PRA or California Public Records Act states that public documents must be turned over to individuals who ask. These requests have thus far been stonewalled by the Pasadena attorney.
This is Mr. DeWalt's letter to our City Attorney.
~Carla [Riggs]

Public Records Act Request & Unfulfilled PRA Requests

Ms. Bagneris:
In cooperation with a number of Pasadena residents, I am preparing a request to be made of the Public Integrity Division of the Los Angles County District Attorney's office. We will be seeking a judgment as to whether City of Pasadena officials may have violated City Ordinance #'s 2.05.120.A.2 and 2.05.120.A.8.b. as a result of the City's continuing delay in resolving the question as to whether the Pasadena City Council could consider opposition to METRO's further consideration of the F-7 tunnel option to extend the 710 Freeway. In order to complete the request and to insure that the history of the City of Pasadena's actions are accurately represented in that request, I ask that - under the terms and conditions of the Public Records Act - I be provided - in whatever media form it was generated - a copy of any and all requests made by any City official (elected and/or staff) that could reasonably be interpreted as a solicitation of an outside legal opinion as to whether Measure A (2001) prevents the Pasadena City Council from considering whether to oppose METRO's further consideration of the F-7 tunnel option to extend the 710 Freeway.
I can appreciate that any such request(s) could contain sensitive materials that would reasonably need to be protected by the City, and I would expect a redaction of those materials in the copy or copies provided. As you might expect, I am primarily interested in determining four things:1) the date the request(s) was/were made, (2) the name and title of the individual making the request(s), (3) the name and title of the individual(s) to whom the request(s) was/were addressed, and (4) any "by when" statement(s) made to the addressee(s) that would indicate what the expressed expectation of the individual(s) making the request(s) were as to when a response was needed. Additionally, if any response(s) have been received to the above described request(s), I need the date of the response(s) and the name(s) and title(s) of the individual(s) that provided the response(s).
As this information would be readily available and given my need for this information at the earliest possible date, I would appreciate that the requested information be provided without any delay.
And a few other matters, if I may:
1) You are no doubt aware of my PRA Request #1938  (Subsidized Cell Phone Services). I have received only partial fulfillment of this request to date and have received notices that full fulfillment has been delayed. I ask that the entirety of this request be fulfilled by 19 October 2012 at the latest.
2) Forwarded with this email is an email sent on 30 September 20012 that contained a PRA request made of KPAS. To date I have received no acknowledgment of this request as would have been expected under the terms and conditions of the Public Records Act.
If you or your staff have any questions, I am best reachable by email.
My thanks for your service.
Weston DeWalt

This is the letter that has yet to be fulfilled:

Ms. Keri Stokstad:
On 22 January 2011: the One Community organization, whose Board of Directors was headed by Mr. Barry Gordon, held a Transportation Summit that was co-hosted by METRO and the engineering firm of Parsons-Brinckerhoff. That summit was videotaped, and it was announced online by a member of One Community that "a production [of a] 3hr, 27 minutes version will be done at the studio of the Pasadena Community Access Channel. .... In a few weeks One Community Think Tank will have an edited video of the transportation forum which shall be posted on the website. Later there will be copies of the entire forum available for interested persons. .... The cost for the DVD's will be determined after we determine the cost of the dubs. "
Because - to my knowledge the DVD of the Transportation Summit was never made available to the public and because a City of Pasadena facility was used to perform serves for the promised DVD, I am requesting - under the terms and conditions of the California Public Records Act - that the following be made available to me:
1) any invoices - in any media form - that KPAS, PCAC or Pasadena Media submitted to One Community for production and editing services provided for the videotaping and editing of the proceedings of the Transportation Summit held by One Community on 22 January 2011, a
2) a DVD containing all of the footage shot during the Transportation Summit, including pre and post-meeting interviews, etc. , and
3) a copy of the DVD that was to be made available to the public, the DVD resulting from the editing of the Transportation Summit footage that was shot on 22 January 2011.
My thanks,
Weston DeWalt