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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Measure J Stands for Jacked 


 10.15.2012 Damien Goodmon

 URBAN PERSPECTIVE - I've received reports that supporters of the November ballot  Measure J, which is led by LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and others who have ignored the requests of our community with respect to transportation, have reached out to some of you requesting your support. They are in search of black faces to support their unjust, unfair, and unacceptable proposed sales tax increase that provide NOT A PENNY for our community to address the outstanding issues on the soon-to-begin construction Crenshaw-LAX Rail Line.

The proposed countywide sales tax increase Measure J will tax South LA communities until 2069. It is projected to generate an additional $90 billion dollars for MTA, on top of the $40 billion already dedicated to transit expansion through Measure R, which was passed in 2008.

There are many arguments for opposing Measure J, including the insufficiency of the projects to meet our region's transportation needs for the next 57 years, the inability of the MTA to manage so many projects simultaneously, the lack of sufficient funding to operate the projects and accompanying bus service that is constantly being cut, and the simple truth that you cannot trust Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and this MTA board.

For me, a left-of-center voter, who almost always votes for infrastructure improvements, I simply can't get past the inequity of taxing black people, brown people and poor people in our community to give MTA a $90 billion check, and not receiving a single penny in return to address the issues on the Crenshaw-LAX Line.

$90 billion and not a penny for Crenshaw!

The highest estimate of the additional cost to add a rail station at Leimert Park Village and underground the Crenshaw-LAX Rail Line for just 11 blocks on Crenshaw Blvd is less than 1/2 of 1% of $90 billion. Let that sink in: the MTA/Villaraigosa want us and our great grandchildren to sacrifice, and they don't even want to return less than 1/2 of 1% of the proceeds to address the Crenshaw Line issues.

Where I grew up the kids have a phrase for this type of action: "Straight Gansta!" Said simply, Villaraigosa is trying to Jack us with Measure J.


For years I have witnessed this level of arrogance and disrespect of our community by the Villaraigosa-controlled MTA. And many of you witnessed it personally just a little over a year ago when over 600 of us packed that board room and asked MTA to appropriate the money for a station at our African-American cultural center and to underground the line for 11 blocks on Crenshaw Blvd to preserve our community, protect our children's lives and position us for an economic revival that we have awaited for generations.

It is instructive to remember Villaraigosa and the MTA's board response to that level of unity unseen in our community in my young lifetime. It's a familiar cry whenever we attempt to demand adequate return for our investments: "We don't have the money!"

Even though South LA voters helped pass the first sales tax increase for MTA that generated $40 billion (Measure R), with a straight face and a crooked smile Villaraigosa said to us they didn't have the money.
Our community has had enough. We are too smart to be played for a fool.

Before we consider sacrificing $90 billion of our hard earned tax dollars to MTA, there must be a change in the manner that the MTA and this Mayor considers our community. That change will NOT occur before Election Day.

Accordingly, we do not want and we cannot trust this gang to make decisions about how to spend $90 billion of transportation funds for the next 57 years. They have promised to leave us out, and should the measure pass we should expect them to keep their word.

Don’t get jacked … vote NO on Measure J.

(Damien Goodmon is chair of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition and Fix Expo Campaign.)


Footage of One Community Sponsored Transporation Summit Being Sought

 Letters written to Pasadena Community Network

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Weston DeWalt
Date: Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 10:17 AM
Subject: Footage of One Community Sponsored Transporation Summit Being Sought
To: Doris Fifer <doris@pasadenamedia.org> (Assistant Executive Director @ Pasadena Community Network)
Keri Stokstad <keri@pasadenamedia.org> (Executive Director @ Pasadena Community Network)

Thank you for your response to my Public Records Act request of 30 September. As I understand your response: Videotaping of the Transportation Summit sponsored by One Community (co-founded by Councilmember Chris Holden) and held on 22 January 2011 was conducted by staff members of KPAS, an agency of the City of Pasadena and that those services were not paid for by One Community but were offered as a "community" service.
If my understanding is correct, I ask, as a resident of Pasadena and a taxpayer, that the staff of KPAS secure from One Community a copy of all the above referenced footage and provide it to me at the earliest possible date. This request I make under the terms and conditions of the California Public Records Act.
In support of this request, I make note that you described the use of KPAS staff as being part of a "community partnership." As it was the expressed intent of One Community to make a DVD of the entirety of the Transportation Summit available to the public, I can well understand KPAS's willingness to contribute City provided labor. But, as you know, One Community has not made that DVD available; nor has Councilmember Holden responded to my request for a copy of the footage that was shot at City expense. Since One Community appears to have no interest in releasing the footage, I feel that it is the responsibility of KPAS to secure the footage shot at City expense and to provide it to the members of the public who paid for its production.
My expectation is that I will have a response to this request in a timely fashion - as required by the Public Records Act. If you have any questions of me, I am best reached by email.
My thanks for your service to the community.
Weston DeWalt

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 10:19 PM, Doris Fifer <doris@pasadenamedia.org> wrote:
Mr. DeWalt,

Following receipt of your request, the forgoing is the result of inquires and investigation to suitably address requests made under the terms and conditions of the California Public Records Act.

have reviewed PCAC Production schedules, invoice catalogue, Board Minutes, master tape library, air copy library, and outreach coordinator's raw footage collection.  Additionally, I have spoke with our remote production manager, Barry Gordon, and various staff members that would have taken part in the production (pre or post) as well as the programming staff.  The following is my finding as it  pertains to the request at hand:

1) any invoices - in any media form - that KPAS, PCAC or Pasadena Media submitted to One Community for production and editing services provided for the videotaping and editing of the proceedings of the Transportation Summit held by One Community on 22 January 2011, 
Finding: No invoices were submitted to One Community or One Pasadena.  Video taping was provided as a community partnership.  Ralph McKnight was the producer contact making arrangements for all post production.

2) a DVD containing all of the footage shot during the Transportation Summit, including pre and post-meeting interviews, etc. , and
Finding:  PCAC has no footage from this shoot.  This event took place shortly after the "2011 State of the City" event and available staff was extremely limited.  For this reason PCAC's contribution was limited to video taping the event and providing facilities for post work to be arranged by Mr. McKnight.  Sadly, Mr. McKnight passed away last summer and status of the footage and his progress with its editing is unknown to PCAC staff.

3) a copy of the DVD that was to be made available to the public, the DVD resulting from the editing of the Transporation Summit footage that was shot on 22 January 2011.

Finding:  PCAC has no footage from the Transportation Summit shot January 22, 2011 at Maranatha High School in Pasadena.

Please feel free to contact me if I may be of additional assistance.

Doris Fifer
Assistant Executive Director
Pasadena Media
626-794-8585 Office
626-320-5939 Mobile
626-794-3848 Fax
 No on Measure J Phone Bank Volunteers
Posted by Sunyoung Yang on the No On Measure J Facebook page
Come visit and also if any volunteers want to sign up for phonebanking to voters email us on the website  http://noonmeasurej.net/ Mondays through Sundays any time between 3-9pm. Saturday 9am-3pm except this Saturday. Put in a hour or two? Measure R only passed by margin of 57,000 votes. We can do this!!

Diamond Bar air quality agency gets $1 million grant to replace older diesel trucks

A local smog-fighting agency received a $1 million grant Monday from the federal government to remove older, diesel trucks from Southern California highways and freeways.
As part of the federal Diesel Emission Reduction Act of 2005, the Diamond-Bar based South Coast Air Quality Management District will spend grant money to replace 50 diesel-powered, medium-duty urban delivery trucks with fully electric trucks, said Michael Ardito, spokesman for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco.
By removing older, diesel trucks from the road, the EPA estimates the air in the four-county Los Angeles basin will realize a reduction of 11.79 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 0.48 tons of tiny diesel particles (PM) that can lodge in the lungs, 1.16 tons of hydrocarbons (HC), 5.61 tons of carbon monoxide (CO) and 707 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).
Trucks that will be replaced under the program will be at least 10 years old and can't be retrofitted with other clean technology.
"These are usually trucks that are a little bigger than a small box truck," explained Allen Schaefer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum in Maryland. "The box truck that is delivering produce or delivering paper goods to a hospital or nursing home. They are kind of a last stop in the delivery train."
Schaefer understands the thinking, namely to reduce what are called PM2.5 - microscopic particles contained in diesel exhaust that can impair lung

function, may bring about asthma and even cause premature death in people with pre-existing conditions. By cutting back on NOx, it will cut into the brown smog layer that fouls the air and ironically, livens up sunsets. The EPA announced it would award a total of $30 million in grant money from the DERA program nationwide, including money to retrofit soot-belching school buses and replace diesel-burning garbage trucks in the San Joaquin Valley.
About $1.3 million will help the port of Long Beach advance its pollution-reduction programs. Part of the grant would be used to buy five new yard tractors powered by batteries instead of diesel-fuel, explained Lee Peterson, spokesman of the Port of Long Beach.
A second part of the EPA grant will be used to install diesel filters onto rubber-tired cranes that move and stack container boxes and place them on trucks and railcars.
These cranes are not the larger cranes that unload containers from ships. Those already run on clean fuels, Peterson explained.
The EPA says these projects will reduce reduce 25 tons of NOx, 173 tons of CO, 33 tons of PM, and 733 tons of CO2 over the life of the project.
Peterson said the grant money will help fund a green energy program already started at the port that may become a model for other ports.
"When the other terminal operators see how this works, well, then they can do this in (the ports) of L.A., San Diego and up the coast," he said.
Diesel engines emit 7.3 million tons of smog-forming nitrogen oxides and 333,000 tons of soot annually, according to the EPA.
The federal program has awarded about 500 grants since the program was first funded in 2008, Ardito said.
626-962-8811 Ext. 2237