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Monday, October 29, 2012

Incumbents and newcomers battle for state seats in the San Gabriel Valley 


From staff reports
Updated:   10/27/2012 08:31:00 PM PDT
 The political trinity of job creation, balanced budgets and support for public education are the common themes in the San Gabriel Valley state Assembly races.
The incumbents, mostly seasoned Democratic Party political heavyweights, all tout their experience and have pledged support for educational funding in hopes that support for schools will lead to future job growth.

Meanwhile, their conservative challengers have focused on returning fiscal discipline to the state capitol.

In the 41st state Assembly District, Republican Donna Lowe plans to fire up her conservative base against 23-year Pasadena City Councilman Chris Holden, a Democrat.

Like many of her Tea Party comrades, Lowe is a small government disciple.
41st state Assembly district candidate Donna Lowe. (HAND-IN)
Her opponent, Holden, looks to restore fiscal security to California by rebuilding the state's economy.

He said the economy must "be robust so (the state) can start to put away some money to make the budget whole again."

The 41st state Assembly District includes the foothill cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena, Monrovia, Claremont, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga.
In the 49th state Assembly race, Montebello Unified School District board member Democrat Ed Chau is running against Republican Dr. Matthew Lin.

In the state's first majority Asian state legislative district, Chau and Lin are battling it out to replace Mike Eng, D-Monterey Park, who is a term-limit casualty.

Both men claim support for public education. Lin aims to couple his strong support for our state's schools and colleges with a more business-friendly environment with less oversight and regulation.
Chau said his experience in the political trenches will serve him well in Sacramento.

The 49th state Assembly District includes Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, San Marino and Arcadia.

Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, D-West Covina, survived a brutal spring where he was arrested for drunk driving and failed to top all competitors in the June primary.
Edwin Chau, candidate for the 49th state Assembly district.

 He hopes to rebound in the general election for the 48th state Assembly seat as he runs against Republican Joe Gardner, a retired law enforcement officer from West Covina.

During June's race, Gardner beat out Hernandez by 719 votes, winning 45.6 percent of the vote to Hernandez's 43.4.

Both Hernandez, who was acquitted of DUI charges at trial, and Gardner say their focus is on reforming the struggling economy and implementing fiscal responsibility in Sacramento.
The 48th state Assembly district includes Duarte, Azusa, Glendora, Covina, West Covina, Baldwin Park, Irwindale, part of El Monte, and the unincorporated communities of Charter Oak,
Assemblyman Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina)
Bassett and Valinda.
In the 25th state Senate district, political newcomer Republican Gil Gonzales will vie to replace incumbent Democrat Carol Liu.

Gonzales pointed to his impoverished childhood and business experience as responsible for honing the skills needed to win the seat. He said he would focus on bipartisan cooperation to tackle important issues like jobs.

Liu said the state must support fiscal solvency and has stumped for Gov. Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 tax initiative. Lie said Californians "need to get the structural deficit settled."
Registered Democrats are in the majority in the 25th state Senate District, which includes Pasadena, South Pasadena, Alhambra and San Marino.

Caltrans rescinds evictions -- information and thanks from the Flores family
Dear All,

Just to let you know we have received a rescinding of our
eviction.  As a matter of fact, we have heard that we are the fourth
eviction to be reversed and that Caltrans is moving in that direction with
several others. There is a urgent need for us to continue our vigilance and
support for all those that are not only getting evicted but all the families
that are getting harassed.

 Arbitrary evictions  create absolute psychological terror on a family and
community.  We can only imagine what Don Jones and Gloria went through for 3
years.  We all understand that what they can do to one family, they can do
to all, so in effect, they do to all.  In the letter from Caltrans, there is
no apology only unaccountable and dishonest excuses.

Our family would like to thank EVERYONE that was concerned.  The 710
Movement, those that called and met with Caltrans, and all those families
that struggled to show Caltrans that these evictions were just wrong.  Your
thoughts and actions ALL contributed to this.  Let's stay together, no let's
get closer.  We have to continue because we really haven't dealt with the
root of the problem.  Let's be proactive and suggest ways to address the
harassment and lack of accountability. What do you all think of a tenants'
union?  Maybe a Tri-City Tenants' Union Network?  I know, we have tried some
of this in the past but don't you think it is time to try again?  We are in
dire need of a grievance procedure.

What about a human rights-based (instead of market-based) People's Audit?
What do you all think of reestablishing our communication networks, the
block captains etc..?  What about reversing Don  and Gloria's, Big John's
and other  evictions that were inappropriate and unjust.

Once again, Thank you,
Roberto Flores
Cynthia Mata Flores

Opportunity to support State Senator Alan Lowenthal, 710 opponent

Alan Lowenthal voted AGAINST the 710 extension when he was on the Long Beach City Council.  His record includes sensitivity to the environment as well
as his record on our portion of the 710.

If you would like to meet him, you can attend a  fundraiser ($50 per person, 7 pm, Thursday Nov.1) for State Senator Alan Lowenthal who is running for Congress representing the district that includes Long Beach.  It would benefit us (and Adam Schiff) to have another Congressman and his vote on the 710 in Congress.

For questions, please call (562)981-2111 or email genelle.buchert@gmail.com


Posted by Waynna Kato on No on Measure J Facebook page

No 710 Freeway Alert: VOTE NO ON MEASURE J.
All Freeway Fighters spread the word by email, letters to the editors, lawn signs, word of mouth, local Patch, social media etc.
This letter was sent to the SOUTH PASADENA REVIEW, October 26 2012.

Letter to the Editor:


Election Alert! Freeway Fighters Alert! I urge you to join me and all your friends and neighbors in South Pasadena and in Los Angeles County to Vote NO on Measure J on your November 6 ballot. Measure J is Metro's half-cent sales tax extension which would create 57 years of debt for not only us, but our children and grandchildren until the year 2069.

But more importantly for South Pasadena citizens, Measure J contains $780 Million for the SR-710 Freeway tunnels under South Pasadena, El Sereno and Pasadena. This freight corridor is classified by the Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration as a program which "provides funding for construction of national significance to promote economic growth and international or interregional trade". This major freight corridor will carry over 200,000 big-rig trucks and cars daily in two 60- ft mega tunnels running 4.5 miles under our city, El Sereno and Pasadena.

Help us stop the 710 Freeway! Vote NO on Measure J!!
Measure J's billions for freeway expansion and boondoggle rail construction wouldn't relieve toxic t...

Posted by  Gabriel Strachota on Non on Measure J Facebook page                 

Yes on Measure J to ease traffic


Updated:   10/16/2012 12:19:46 AM PDT
Take a look at the congested freeways that wind through Los Angeles County. Motorists sit for hours to move a few miles during daily commutes. Even the weekends can be unbearable sometimes.
That's why Los Angeles County voters should say "yes" to Measure J, an extension of 2008's Measure R that will expedite an array of highway improvements and light rail improvements - and do it for far less money.

Measure J would continue the half-cent transportation sales tax through 2069, allowing the county to speed up critical projects while interest rates and construction costs are low.

Voters can already see the fruits of Measure R, which has produced tangible results in fewer than four years: the Crenshaw and Exposition rail lines and the Gold Line extensions, to name a few examples.

Future county residents should be footing some of the bill for transportation projects that they will benefit from by paying a mere 50 cents on every $100 spent in the county through 2069. That leverage would allow current taxpayers the ability to see some of the projects come to fruition and enjoy the benefits now.

The Gold Line Foothill Extension into San Bernardino County would be completed by 2022, which is 13 years earlier than projected. Several highway projects throughout the region would also be accelerated, aimed at improving capacity on traditionally congested arteries such as the 405, 605 and 110 freeways.

An amendment by Duarte City  Councilman John Fasana, a former opponent of this tax who has since converted, prohibits the funds from being transferred from one region for another - for example, from the San Gabriel Valley to L.A. Westside's "Subway to the Sea."

Voters should speed along transportation projects by voting yes on Measure J on Nov. 6.

No Measure J for Fat Cats

Posted by Gabriel Strachota on No on Measure J Facebook page

What did the Fat Cat say the bus rider? NomNomNomNom ...SHARE!
No Measure J for Fat Cats
Measure J will tax us for 60 years and give a blank check for politicians to hand out corporate welf...

Election 2012: Alhambra City Council members endorse Placido


October 29, 2012 Jue Wang, Nasrin Aboulhosn

  Alhambra City Council members Stephen Sham and Gary Yamauchi endorsed Councilman Dr. Steven Placido last Wednesday in his re-election race against Elizabeth Salinas, World Journal (世界日報) reports. The election will be one of various local contests, along with the presidential race and initiatives, on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Sham told the Journal that Placido is familiar with Alhambra's current issues, including traffic, education, and health care. Placido said he has been living in Alhambra for 48 years and has richer political experience compared to his competitor Salinas. Since entering City Council in 2005 he has helped the public library, balance the city’s budget, and shorten police and fire response time, according to the Journal.

If reelected, Placido said the first thing he is going to do is advocate for the 710 Freeway extension, which will connect the 10 and 210 Freeways and will relieve traffic congestion, improve air quality, and provide safer and healthier living environment for children. He also supports housing development in Alhambra to attract more residents.

Salinas told Alhambra Source that she believes that the 710 Freeway may be nothing more than a political pitch. "Dr. Placido has been in office for eight years now, why hasn't it been completed yet if he is such a champion for its completion?" Salinas wrote in an email Friday in response to the council members' endorsement of Placido. "It seems to me like the City is first creating the traffic problems (i.e. by overdevelopment all along Fremont, current projects and proposed ones), and then they come up with the solution: complete the 710, which becomes the typical slogan heard around election time. Alhambrans are a lot smarter than that and can see right through the gimmick."

Salinas also said that she felt years of local political experience did not mean that Placido was more fit to represent residents' needs. "Alhambra could use a true advocate and someone who will truly represent the residents of Alhambra and not be afraid to ask the developers for more concessions when it comes to their proposed projects," Salinas said. "We need a leader that won't stand quiet. I am that leader."

Alhambra Source is still waiting for responses from Mayor Barbara Messina and Councilman Luis Ayala about whether they are endorsing a candidate.
 Measure J on Radio Tomorrow, Oct. 30
Posted by KRISTINA VIERA on No On Measure J Facebook page
Tomorrow don't miss a special Measure J edition of Voices from the Frontlines with Barbara Lott-Holland, co-chair of the Bus Riders Union, and Sunyoung Yang! Tune in at 4pm on 90.7 KPFK or listen live online: http://bit.ly/P5Vzxm
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