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Thursday, January 31, 2013

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 Mr. Quon: Mr. Oswald the man who screamed in our faces he would shut the meeting down, is a PAID CONSULTANT. what more is there to say if he is your mouthpiece?


Mr Quon contends that the engineers, not PR types, at the meeting could answer all the public questions. Unfortunately, that is not the case and in fact, on some subjects, created more questions that didn't get answered, in particular, about cost of the tunnels.

Finally, the cost estimates for the alternatives was released 5 months after they were promised. Then, to add insult to injury, the cost of the most environmentally negative, controversial, expensive alternative, the 2 toll tunnels, is far from accurate and half as much as it should be based on the construction cost of a similar diameter tunnel in Seattle. The construction cost should be $9 Billion, not $5.35 Billion.

And, another thing they didn't do properly during the analysis is to model the tunnels with tolls. Instead of working on the premise of tolls being changed to fund the thing, they looked at it as if it was free when, in fact, Metro has been tell us for ten years that the only way it will get built is if it was tolled to capture revenue. So with no tolls in the analysis, there is no diversion of drivers to not pay the tolls and it appears to relieve the perceived traffic problem. With tolls, $5-15 per one-way trip, there will be many vehicles diverting off onto city streets, more than is there now and how could this possible solve any traffic problems.

In short, there are serious, serious problems with this process so far and the Alternative Analysis is flawed. 


  At a very basic level, there was no one that could answer what criteria went into the scoring for the alternatives. The public cannot adequately evaluate these choices without that information to challenge assumptions. And despite repeated requests from the public as well as numerous elected officials in the region, Metro has been staunchly opposed to providing this detail.

Metro's deliberate lack of accountability breeds mistrust and opposition - so none of this outcry should surprise Metro officials. If theydo not answer to the public or the people we elect - just who are they answering to? On that point, Metro remains silent as well. Meanwhile $780 Million dollars is being wrung dry from Measure R funds to have Metro plead "just give us a chance to study this!". We all should have such access to hundreds millions and not answer for it. The only threat here is from the public exposing this sham.