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Friday, February 1, 2013

Comments to the Pasadena Sun article "710 Freeway Coalition faces growing efforts against linking the route to 210"


The Pro 710 Coalition has engaged in a campaign of disinformation & deception to push the agenda of corporate interest that see the billions of taxpayer dollars to be had. It is appaling at the deafness Mike Antonovich has displayed to the concerns of 'THE PEOPLE', but very receptive to mega corporations like CH2M Hill, that has been hired to write the EIR & possibly in line to also build the tunnel. Since 2000, CH2M Hill has been cited in 11 instances of contracter misconduct & fined in the a total $4M.

As Joanne stated, our group is organized, knowledgeable, committed to stop the waste & fraud Metro & Caltrans are curretnly engaging in. Frank Quon speaks nostaligic of his years in El Sereno & his old alma mater, but does he contune to live here, the answer is no! The Pro 710 Baldwin and Flint folks have the support of the cities that have thrown El Sereno, with a majority Mexican American population, under the bus because they don't want these project trhough their communities. These action rise to the level of Environmental Racism in conflict with the Envronmental Justice directives that Caltrans & Metro have agreed to follow as result of the previous lawsuit filed almost a decade ago. A Metro Project Mgr brings in 'ringers' to speak to NBC News as concerned 'Altadena residents' in favor of this tunnel, but there is no disclosure that the husband is an executive officer of a water transfer company that does regular business with tunnel drilling companies. No on 710 activists have proven to be prolific in 'data mining' to locate actual Caltrans & Metro documentation that contradicts current arguments in favor of a tunnel. Our side has presented nothing but the facts & has not engaged in deception. No on 710 groups have been presented in a negative light by news articles that question our organization, our true motives & appear to be only pushing a one sided presenation of this struggle. With the thousands of dollars that have been throw at these front groups to push this tunnel, the No on 710 folks have produced & distributed media material & videos with our own personal resources. Youtube videos have shown No on 710 represenatives throwing Metro consultatnts off script to reveal the wizard of Oz behind the curtain blowing smoke. I am from El Sereno. Our community faces greater destruciton than any of the nothern cities in this battle with will suffer. The northern citites have embraced El Sereno now that they see we have more to lose. Neighbor watch out for each other & the citites that have expressed support a tunnel have exhibited a moral failure to do what is just & fair for their neighbors. (Joe Cano)

As a NO 710 advocate, I can attest that the pro 710 groups are actively lobbying in favor of the tunnel option. This idea that they just want the EIR to be completed is a bunch of hooey. There is nothing fair about this process. It is plain and simple politicians and their lobbyists pushing through a project that they THINK will benefit them. What they don't realize is that it will do nothing to ease traffic congestion in this area, it will make it worse, along with hefty tolls and pollution. (Jane Demian)

I think the 60 member estimate of the No 710 Action Committee is a low-ball figure. That might be the number of people who are active leaders, working every day in their area of expertise. There are 100s more in the background working behind the scenes and supporting the cause. We are truly grassroots and receive NO financial support from ANYONE. We just believe that transportation leaders need to make responsible decisions for everyone in the region and want to help with the process. (Susan Martin Bolan)

growing opposition? this plan has been fought by residents and others since it was first proposed forty or fifty years ago by successive bunches of yahoos who have been hell-bent on shoving this down everyone's throat. a ridiculous and stupid idea at that. (Cal Tecke)