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Friday, April 12, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown needs to come back from China with a pile of cash for bullet train project: Opinion


April 11, 2013


On his junket to China, Gov. Jerry Brown compared his job to the Herculean task of cleaning manure out of giant stables.

"I'm going to go home from China with renewed zest to, if I could use a classical allusion, cleanse the Augean stables," Brown told Chinese reporters in Beijing on Wednesday.

It's unclear how familiar the Chinese reporters were with the ancient Greek myth of the fifth labor of Heracles, or Hercules, which was to clean out the dung deposits from massive stables that housed a thousand cattle and hadn't been cleaned in 30 years. (The Greek hero accomplished the task by rerouting a couple of rivers to wash out the dung.)

But the biggest pile in Brown's stables back home right now is his $69 billion bullet-train project, for which only $13 billion in funding has been identified.

Today, Brown took a Chinese bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai, more than 800 miles in about five hours. California High-Speed Rail Authority officials traveling with the governor have been meeting this week with Chinese potential investors in California's project.

If the Brown administration can return from China with some major private investors lined up who want a stake in California's bullet train project, it will have been a wildly successful trip.

Otherwise, it's just another junket.