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Monday, June 10, 2013

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What do you think of the idea of 710 Day?


By Alred Dicioco, June 7, 2013


Wednesday was picked because it is the 10th day of the 7th month. 7/10=710. Original, isn't it?
For far too long Alhambra was allowed to dictate and define the discussion on the 710 issue. With the coming together of the many cities, communities and organizations opposed to the 710 (while providing logical and positive alternatives) those days are now past.
The 710 Day is but Alhambra's flailing attempt to regain control of the discussion.

 Tolls are not the answer,and this is a toll road. This information is rarely brought to the masses, since it will not play well. The new toll roads are not being utilized,since taxpayers have funded, maintained, bought the equipment to build the roads, and will not pay to use them. This is a sham to make engineers,planners, and those at the top of the Caltrans food chain, rich enough to retire on the billions that will be spent to gamble on this plan.

 Those whose commutes are impacted by the lack of action on the completion of the 710 are the ones who time is being wasted. I'm fed up with it!

 We need more participation for this! Why is this scheduled for a Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm? Make it before/after the commute when the people who care about it most can show up and support it!

 Although the 710 is not the answer, Alhambra needs to better plan their explosion on continue to built housing, and have not improve their public transportation in order to reduce the need of automobiles. Alhambra has been building housing without managing or mediating traffic. In addition, the transitions ramps to various freeways from the San Bernardino Freeway have not been improve to handle the traffic created by the increse of housing in Alhambra.

 We don't need a 20th Century solution to a 21st Century problem. Whether above or below ground, more cars and trucks in the community are not the answer.

 It is a waste of time. This has been going on for more than 40 years...and will probably continue for another 40.