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Monday, June 3, 2013

Metro station upkeep and patrols are 'inadequate,' says Long Beach Vice Mayor Robert Garcia


By Karen Robes Meeks, June 2, 2013


The Metro Blue Line station at Long Beach Boulevard and Fifth Street in Long Beach is fairly clean, according to riders on a recent afternoon, with the exception of food wrappers thrown about on occasion.

 LONG BEACH -- City leaders on Tuesday will rally for improvements to the eight Blue Line Metro stations in Long Beach.

Vice Mayor Robert Garcia will introduce legislation insisting that the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority upgrade the Long Beach stations with electronic turnstiles and deal with public safety, maintenance and other issues at the stations.

The legislation also calls for City Manager Pat West to collaborate with Metro officials on a plan and a timetable for addressing those concerns.

 "It's been a long time coming," said Garcia, who co-authored the legislation with City Council members James Johnson, Suja Lowenthal and Steven Neal. "There have been consistent
 issues that have not been addressed."
Opened in 1990, the Metro Blue Line travels between downtown Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles. It boasted 29.6 million boardings in 2012, according to Metro.

After seeing the newly opened Expo Line, Garcia said more attention could be paid to the Long Beach stations; roughly six million people board trains locally at eight stops.

 Long Beach officials want more done in terms of safety and cleanliness at the Metro stations in the city.

Public art has been damaged or removed and has never been replaced, and the stations are devoid Long Beach officials want more done in terms of safety and cleanliness at the Metro stations in the city. of landscaping, he said.