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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Victory at today's Metro Board Meeting

 From Sylvia Plummer, June 27, 2013

SR-710 North gap closure project has been removed from the acceleration schedule for Measure R funds!!

So how did this happen?
During public comment for item #10 there were several of us that spoke for the removal of SR-710 North gap closure project from the acceleration schedule.  Harry Baldwin, from the 710 Coalition (paid for by Alhambra, etc) and Leland Dolley, former City Attorney for Alhambra made their statements.  

Following public comment a vote was taken and the motion as written did not pass.  

There was much conversation between the Metro Board members.  Then Ara Najarian said to Richard Katz, (who is the author of the amendment),  that he would vote Yes on the motion if the SR-710 North project was not included in the acceleration schedule for Measure R funds.  So the exclusion of the SR-710 North project from the acceleration schedule was added to the motion. 

The Board Members voted again:  9 Yes, 3 No  (2/3 vote was needed).  The board members that voted No were: John Fasana, Michael Antonovich, and Don Knabe. Gloria Molina was absent for the vote.

Thanks to Ara Najarian!

Thanks to those that attended the Metro Board Meeting and those that wrote letters to the Metro Board.

Thanks to Joe Cano who recorded the meeting.  As soon as the video is available I will send it out.

Here's a quote from an article from Metro's: The Source

"The Katz and O'Connor amendment specifically excluded the 710 North project from the acceleration plan. One of the alternatives for that project is a freeway tunnel connecting the 710 in Alhambra to the 210 in Pasadena and is enormously controversial in the San Gabriel Valley, with some cities supporting it and some very much against."