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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Westside Subway Extension: Beverly Hills Hires Two New Lawyers To Battle Metro’s Purple Line


By Matt Lopez, June 5, 2013

Two new attorney’s will be working to help the City of Beverly Hills fight Metro in an effort to keep subway lines from under Beverly Hills High School.

The decision to hire  Philip Karmel of Bryan Cave LLP  and Daniel P Selma of Loyola Law School was decided in closed session Tuesday by the City Council. Karmel will assist primarily with the case against the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) and Professor Daniel P. Selmi of Loyola Law School will assist  primarily on the case against Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority  (Metro) in California state court.

“Both Professor Selmi and Mr. Karmel bring tremendous assets to our litigation team,” Beverly Hills City Attorney Larry Wiener said in a statement. “Both have significant experience and insight into the land use and environmental issues that the city is raising in its litigation to relocate the proposed subway tunnel from beneath Beverly Hills High School.”

Karmel and Selma were brought on board to replace Gilchrest & Rutter, one of the two firms, along with Schute, Mihaly and Weinberger, that had been representing the City in its cases. After the lead lawyer form Gilchrest & Rutter left the firm, his new firm would not honor the terms of the City’s agreement with Gilchrist & Rutter. As a result, the City Council’s litigation chose to reexamine the situation and move in a different direction.