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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A South Pasadena July 4th


July 10, 2013

How did y’all celebrate your vanishing freedoms & liberties in the US of Authorities this past 4th of July?

Like some cities, especially small towns like our neighbor just over our southern border, South Pasadena (So Pasa), they entertain & celebrate Independence Day with an annual parade.   So Pasa calls theirs the Festival of Balloons. Unlike (last I ck’d) our city of Pasadena – the city of parades!  We have plenty parades for the Latin Americans, the African Americans, the DooDah’s, to name a few. Heck, we even have a parade on New Years for Roses of all things!!

But to celebrate the birth of our nation, our independence & freedoms with a July 4th parade we gotta visit our little sister down in the south.  Maybe it’s cuz we Pasadenan’s know better, that there really is becoming less independence & liberty to celebrate.  But, enuf of Mr. Scrooge…

Our group, as in prior years, was invited to participate. However, it was July 4th so I wasn’t gonna have time to participate.  Especially with the humidity & heat. However, the night before things cleared up to allow my patriotic act of participation.
I would join & support my paraders of NO 710ers, IF, I could get up early on a holiday, and then get out of So Pasa early.  Well, I did. So, here’s some shots of the PRE-parade for those of you who live nearby or never attended. I recommend you do one 4th.

Arriving distressingly late, as usual, but our group were basically all there and in parade character. The Spirit of  NO 710! has been at the heart of the South Pasadena community for as long as I can remember or not.  Basically, it means…

IMG_3534(Or, tunnel under us!) The basic philosophy of We The NO 710 People!  I heard the Herb Barnes design studio of Pasadena should take credit for this work of art. A rare, great masterpiece of art in this “modern” age!  Warhol would’ve been envious.

Pre-parade prep included checking headgear and recalling proper banner carrying procedures from Rose Parade days of old.

SoPasa July4th Parade 2013
It turned out the parade started an hour later than I thought. To bide time a couple of us headed over to Buster’s on Mission street: the view from upstairs & street level with Al Fresco. 

I headed back to our NO 710 headquarters, a vintage old bungalow, and took advantage of its porch to grab a few shades & get off my feet as my parade prep for walking in warm & humid weather!  A couple of rabbits had the same idea as this old dog.

It was time to head over to the parade staging area.  Floats (old jalopies) were the highlight to check out…


IMG_3559 I seem to recall this vintage Triumph was the official pace car.

Among the Old cars were parked a couple of modern vehicles, such as the new trash hauler truck (below) which clearly demonstrated the great advances made in modern vehicle technology. And a modern Ferrari red Ford Mustang.
SoPasa July4th Parade 2013-001

As you can see there was plenty of horsepower in this parade. In this case, from Arroyo Stables. 

Pasadena’s Scottish Pipes & Drums – tuning up. Afterwards, they would play at a 2nd July 4th event in Pacific Palisades.

IMG_3556Our group, the largest entry, trying to look organized.

IMG_3569This  KPCC radio reporter asked me where one of our organizers was. The name didn’t ring a bell so I suggested another name. Anyhows, I hope she got our story straight. Then, a bit later one of our group members asked me if I had “seen Claire Bogaard”, the Pasadena Mayor’s wife.  “I hadn’t heard she was gonna be marching with us.”

The Pasadena Scots started playing & marching toward the Community Room of the old So Pasa Library which was the signal the official parade festivities were about to begin.

IMG_3571The So Pasadena politicians/leaders began their patriotic speeches. And We The People took a listen.

IMG_3574From council members to their beloved police chief, each South Pasadena political leader took their opportunity to soak in the benefits of talking in red, white & blue. At the podium above is City Manager Sergio Gonzalez.

Enuf with the talk, it was time for final prep to walk the parade route from the old library, turn onto Mission street, and then finish at Garfield Park on the east side of Fair Oaks.  We were young & old, although some of us could use the exercise more than others, even in the morning heat.

IMG_3593a Representing against the 710 extension scheme

Now just waiting our turn to enter the parade field.

And that’s the pre-parade. Next, the real thing!  What patriot act did you do to celebrate your 4th of July & shrinking 4th amendment liberties under Obama’s hi-tech watch?

Comment to the article:

Barbara says:
Bravo. It’s super cool that Pasadena came down to join South Pasadenans against the 710 for the 4th. I arrived at the parade late, and crossed Mission right behind your group. One of my sons went with the No 710 group for a year or two of parades before he joined the band. He had very strong opinions about the freeway at a very early age. His picture is in the Arcadia Publishing South Pasadena history illustrating the freeway fight. Little known fact.