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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Handouts from SR-710 TAC Meeting #12 9/11/13

From Sylvia Plummer, September 26, 2013

METRO has posted online the handouts from the SR-710 Technical Advisory Committee meeting held on  September 11, 2013.  Lots of new information given in the handouts at the TAC meeting, lots of questions remain.

Be sure to look at these pages:

page 17 - Where are all the vehicles coming from for the Freeway Tunnel alternative?

page 37 - South Portal Ventilation Locations (2 proposed locations)

page 40 - Preliminary Operations and Maintenance Control (OMC) Building Concept

page 41 - (North Portal Ventilation Locations (2 proposed locations)

page 44 - Preliminary North OMC Building Landscape Concept