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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Middle Harbor will combine two aging container terminals into one of the world's most technologically advanced and greenest facilities.

The project will double capacity and support 14,000 new jobs — while cutting air pollution in half.


 Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE4E1e8mjLk&list=PL7C2CA9F8905EBCFE

The Port of Long Beach has signed a 40-year, $4.6 billion lease with Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) and its subsidiary, Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT), for the Middle Harbor property, in the largest deal of its kind for any U.S. seaport.
The nine-year, $1.2 billion project will upgrade wharfs, water access and storage areas, as well as add a greatly expanded on-dock rail yard. The project will cut air pollution and add thousands of jobs to the economy. Construction is well under way; work on the project started in spring 2011.

Project Highlights

  • Rehabilitate and modernize aging infrastructure at Piers E and F to meet business and consumer trade demands
  • Dramatically reduce air pollution and health risks as new equipment and efficiencies are built into the terminal
  • Create about 14,000 permanent jobs in Southern California
  • Generate 1,000 temporary construction jobs a year during the next nine years
  • Implement aggressive environmental measures of the the Green Port Policy and San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan
  • Reduce traffic impacts through increased use of on-dock rail

Phase 1 construction:

  • Renovate the existing Pier E container terminal
  • Widen and deepen Slip 3
  • Fill 22 acres of Slip 1
  • To access the Project Labor Agreement for Phase I, click here

Phase 2 improvements:

  • Connect the Pier E terminal to the Pier F container terminal by filling an additional 40 acres
  • Expand the on-dock rail yard from 10,000 linear feet to 75,000
  • From the existing 294 acres, the project will create one consolidated 304-acre container terminal, which includes 55 acres of newly created land

Environmental Protection

In keeping with the Port's Green Port Policy and the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan, the project will minimize or eliminate negative environmental impacts from shipping operations. To improve air quality and reduce environmental impacts, the Project includes:
  • Shore power for ships
  • Expanded on-dock rail to shift more than 30 percent of the cargo shipments from trucks to trains
  • Cleaner yard equipment
  • Electric rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes
  • Green Flag Vessel Speed Reduction program requirements
  • Use of low-sulfur fuels for ships' main and auxiliary engines
  • "Green building" (LEED) environmental standards
  • Storm water pollution prevention
  • Solar panels
  • Reuse or recycle waste materials such as concrete, steel, copper, and other materials during construction


After extensive environmental review and public participation, the Board of Harbor Commissioners approved the project's EIR in April 2009. The Long Beach City Council upheld the Board's decision in May 2009.