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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Comments to "SCAG Head Hasan Ikhrata Wants to Put a Black Box In Your Car and Track Your Every Move"


October 30, 2013

  1. Take a look at your smart phone contract. It allows random sampling of audio video, and is continually tracking via GPS.
  2. if I drive mt California car to Nevada or Oregon, will I be charged for the miles I drive in those states?
  3. Great job! It was that "must" that got to me also. You are doing the job that I wish the LA Times would get around doing. Two articles that you may want to take a closer look at: Antonovich and Metro's contract with BYD for electric buses: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lancaster-china-20131027,0,247357,full.story#axzz2izp5oaz4 and one that includes a speech by Metro Board Chair Diane DuBois. http://thesource.metro.net/2013/10/29/one-tidbit-from-mobility-21-conference-mayor-garcetti-says-another-transpo-ballot-measure-is-possible/#more-61039
    1. The Tattler is on the story when the traditional sources are silent. What has happened to the Tribune/Star News? There was a time when they were a pretty decent investigative news agency and provided good coverage of local issues - those days are long gone. I hear the Orange County Register is looking at starting a paper in the Valley, much like they have in Long Beach and now in the Inland Empire.

      Keep up the good work at the Tattler. Oh and why stop with a black box in our cars? Why not just implant a microchip at birth and then they could tax us based on all kinds of habits and patterns.
    2. Thanks Peggy! Great articles.
  4. You can turn your GPS OFF on all cell phones.
    1. It might not really be off.
  5. And like a good neighbor, Hasan is there.
  6. I am not sure he doesn't have a forehead. His wig may have slipped forward.
    1. Maybe he's a lowbrow.
  7. let them eat cake!October 30, 2013 at 9:52 AM
    we really need to go with a pay per mile system. this will benefit moi - the super rich - in many ways.

    first, it will create a system under which the less will off, who are forced to live in down market communities far from centers of culture, will be foreced to pay more in taxes than the well off such as myself. We, of course, choose to the opera, symphony and other places where people of simlar socio - economic backgrounds gather.

    second, it will discourage the use of autos by those in the lower economic echelons. this will leave the roads free for me to travel on workdays. more importantly, i will be able to travel on weekends, covertible top down, to the beach and other recreational places. The side effect is also great - the common folk will not be there to disturb by peace as the cost of such a drive will be ever present in their minds.

    i think this is a great idea that will provide welfare for the better people. kind of like the diamond lanes for rich folks who can afford a volt, rather than laying out the cash for a virtually identical cruz. the only thing that would be better is if the government provided a welfare check or tax credit to rich people who buy a volt. that would be really cool.
  8. Poor people need to be shoved into public transportation. Only the rich can be allowed to have cars. Taxing people per miles driven will help accomplish that. The American dream is about to become that for most people. A dream.
  9. Since this is such a "leftie" idea, let me think like a fat cat "righty"... who will make this black box so I can buy their stock? Get me Dick Cheney on the phone, he did pretty well with his two dirty little wars. I love the smell of money!!!
  10. For California's bureaucratic elite getting all of those other people to make the sacrifices is how to get "green" done. One rule for them, another rule for everybody else.
  11. RFID implants are next.
    1. Radio Frequency IDs. Better than barcodes, and far more discreet!
  12. A true Soviet would understand that personal transportation is bourgeois individualism. To become a true member of both the world community and proletariat public transportation is the way to go. And as a former planner for Metro Moscow, Ikhrata knows the way to go. The glorious future is here!
  13. Our State's Nomeklatura has selected a right and proper Soviet trained Apparatchik to help quell that pesky Middle Class Democratic Non Conformity!The elites are becoming increasingly impatient with our lack of respect and appreciation of their vision for our future!
    1. To the buses, citizens!