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Saturday, October 5, 2013

City Will Crackdown on Red Flag Parking Violators


October 3, 2013

The Red Flag parking restrictions which go into effect today are notable not just because of the danger they convey but also because this is the last time violators have any hope of getting away unticketed or untowed.

City of Pasadena officials allowed for up to five Red Flag cycles after the City Council passed the resolution in 2009 to “train” the public on the safety procedure. Today’s alert is the fifth and final before ticketing will occur in earnest.

“All future Red Flag Restrictions will result in tickets being issued.  Then, after another 5 activations or 10 cumulative days, vehicles will also be subject to being towed,” a city official said.

Streets where parking is restricted on Red Flag days are posted with appropriate “No Parking” signs. If signs are not posted, that street is not affected.

Red Flag sign locations are expected to include:

1. Northbound Altadena Dr Near Veranda Ave
2. Ne Corner Of New York Dr And Sierra Madre Villa Ave
3. Northbound Hastings Ranch Dr South Of Denair St
(Near Don Benito School Field)
4. Northbound Michillinda Ave North Of Valley View Ave
5. Northbound Arroyo Blvd South Of San Rafael Ave
6. Northbound Avenue 64 South Of Burleigh Dr
7. Eastbound La Loma Road West Of Sycamore Glen
8. Southbound Avenue 64 At Glenover Dr
9. Northbound Patrician Way Near West City Limit
10. Northbound San Rafael Road North Of 134 Freeway
11. Northbound Linda Vista Ave Near Colorado Bridge Overpass
12. Westbound California Blvd West Of Grand Ave
13. Ne Corner Of Forest Ave And Lincoln Ave
14. Westbound Washington Blvd West Of Lincoln Ave
15. Northbound & Southbound Linda Vista Ave In Front Of Fire Station 38
( 2 Signs At This Location)
16. Eastbound Lida St West Of Arts Center Entrance
17. Southbound Arroyo Blvd South Of Rosemont Ave
18. Southbound Linda Vista Avenue Near North City Limit

Peggy Drouet: My workman received a Red Flag parking violation warning at 11:10 a.m. on Thursday, October 3. I received three phone messages and one email from the city that the Red Flag parking restrictions would go into effect at 9 p.m. that evening. I didn't pick these up until 1 p.m. There were no signs at either end of the street that the parking restrictions were or would be in effect. I think the City of Pasadena needs to do a better job in both notification and enforcement for workmen and others who do not receive these notifications as just notifying a street's residents is not going to work well.

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