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Friday, October 25, 2013

Metro approves $7.5M increase for Universal City pedestrian bridge


By Dakota Smith, October 24, 2013

Transportation officials agreed Thursday to increase funding for a pedestrian bridge near Universal City.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority board approved a plan for a $27 million bridge to span Lankershim Boulevard. Construction and design bids for the bridge, originally priced at $19.5 million, came in higher than expected, Metro officials said.

The planned three-cornered walkway across Lankershim and Universal Holly­wood Drive won MTA approval last year.

The project angers some transit groups, who argue the bridge caters to cars because the walkway removes pedestrians from the busy intersections. Other groups say a tunnel under Lankershim is preferable.

In voting for the funding, Los Angeles City Councilman and board member Paul Krekorian called for landscaping around the bridge to “help soften” the modern appearance of structure.

The MTA board action on the bridge was one of the first controversial votes under Mayor Eric Garcetti, who recently unveiled a plan to revitalize L.A.’s streets and emphasized creating more walkable neighborhoods.

The mayor was absent from the bridge vote, Metro spokesman Dave Sotero said. Garcetti spokeswoman Vicki Curry said the mayor had a conflict of interest and so couldn’t vote on the item.