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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mythbusters tests which is more efficient, four-way stop or roundabout [w/poll]


Asked on the No 710 on Avenue 64 Facebook page: An idea for the Church/Avenue 64 intersection?


 By Damon Lowney, October 7, 2013



 Mythbusters performs a test to find out which intersection is faster: the roundabout or the four-way stop.

In the US, the four-way-stop intersection is king, with little competition from roundabouts. In Europe, things are reversed, and the roundabout is much more common than four-way-stop intersections. While it has been said before that the roundabout is a more efficient way to handle traffic at a busy intersection, Mythbusters aims to find out the truth.

We'll be the first to admit that roundabouts can be confusing to us Americans, but the Mythbusters crew thinks that could be a result of little familiarity with the traffic tool in the US. We were super curious to see the results of this test, and this writer admits to being on the wrong side of the fence when it came to guessing which intersection was more efficient.

So, which method is the most efficient? You'll have to watch the video below to find out. And regardless of the video's outcome, let us know which system you think is best in the poll below.

Which do you think is more efficient?

Roundabout        22,074 (79.5%)

Four-way stop      4,022 (14.5%)

I'm not sure           1,684 (6.1%)