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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pasadena City Councilmember Terry Tornek holds District 7 Town Hall Meeting

From Sylvia Plummer, October 16, 2013

Thanks to Sarah Gavit for this report from the Pasadena Council District 7 Town Hall Meeting:
  • Terry Tornek actually let our No 710 group have a presence at his Town Hall Meeting tonight.  This was a first.  He had turned us down for previous meetings.
  • I'd say the attendance was 60-70 persons.   Ten persons signed up for the No 710 list, which is a high percentage.  We talked to twice as many people and most were very receptive. 
  • Terry came up an introduced himself to me before the meeting and studied the poster board for a bit.  He said he was quite familiar with it.  He pointed to the Parsons property and said that he'd talked to Lincoln property about the impact of the 710.  He said they hadn't taken a position, but they knew they had to be thoughtful when developing the property given the proximity of the new freeway interchange.  In general, he was very friendly and thanked us for being there.
  • Miriam Nakamura and Ann O'Kelley went inside the auditorium for the presentations, while I guarded the gear outside.  So this is only a second hand report – Terry did talk about the 710.  His demeanor was neutral, but more open minded than he'd been at past meetings.  He mentioned that while persons on El Molino Ave. were in favor of the tunnel because it would reduce traffic, it wasn't clear just how much the traffic would be reduced on our local streets.
I'm telling you this as encouragement that we shouldn't be writing off the residents of District 7.  Percentage-wise, they seemed as concerned as everyone else.  Terry Tornek also seems to be opening up a bit on the subject.