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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This couple has been biking around the world for five years and 60,000 miles


By Jess Zimmerman, October 2, 2013


Laura Scott of the blog The Locals met this charming couple while biking from Paris to London. They’ve been biking around the world together for more than five years, covering over 60,000 miles and 84 countries. And they’re hoping to keep traveling for at least a few more years.

Scott spoke to the male half of the couple, Ryohei Oguchi. He said he was living his longstanding dream of throwing in the towel as a financial planner to travel the world by bike. “I kept holding it in my heart and it happened,” he said. No word on what his companion thinks, but she looks pretty happy.

What’s next for this intrepid pair? Ireland, the south of France, Spain, Morocco, and hopefully one day West Africa and North and South America. Good luck, you two, and we hope you have really comfy saddles.