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Monday, October 21, 2013

Turn your bike electric just by changing the wheel


By Sarah Laskow, October 18, 2013

 12 flykly

FlyKly Smart Wheel “looks like any other rear wheel, except that it has a monster-sized hub stuffed full of electronics,” Gizmodo says. It’s like the Prius of bike wheels — it stores energy as you pedal and while you’re going downhill. And then it uses that energy to speed you along, if you want, at up to 20 mph for 30 miles. It also can track your routes, speeds, and times, and suggest better routes.
It goes onto your bike like any other wheel. And it comes in different colors, if that helps.

I was sold as soon as I watched this promotional video – which begins with a biker huffing up one of those steep bridge overpasses — because I am a wimp and, oh man, does biking up New York city bridges suck.