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Sunday, November 17, 2013


From Sylvia Plummer, November 17, 2013

In September, a petition on Change.org asked the Governor and the California Transportation Commission not to fund or build the SR-710 tunnel or freeway.   It was promoted primarily through SR-710-related Facebook pages and was successful in gathering over 600 signatures. 

The No 710 Action Committee urgently needs your signature on another petition.   It sends the message that we want the F7-X Tunnel removed from the EIR/EIS and that we have reviewed the history, purpose and need for the SR-710 North Corridor and support the development and implementation of a comprehensive 21st-century mobility and transportation alternative to the current limited and antiquated approach for the SR-710 North Extension.  It tells the recipients that we recommend a multimodal approach that may include implementation of Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management (TSM/TDM), Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail individually or in combination, but DOES NOT INCLUDE a surface freeway or tunnel connecting the 710 and 210 Freeways. 

This petition will be delivered, via email, to: the Governor, California Transportation Commission (CTC), California State Transportation Agency, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).  With the CTC meeting in Southern California in December and the EIR/EIS process entering the last six months or so before the draft EIR/EIS report is released, we need to mobilize in full force!

Please sign the petition and leave your comments.  Then, help us reach our goal of gathering 5,000 signatures (or more!) by urging your family, friends, neighbors and any groups you belong to to do the same.  We have included instructions for doing this below.  You can just copy and paste these instructions into an email and send it to all your email contacts.  Let's really make use of the power of the internet and the worldwide web by spreading the word and encouraging our contacts to do the same!  We are recruiting all supportive groups and organizations to assist in gathering signatures, but we really need you to help us extend our outreach.


1.  Go to www.no710.com.
2.  Click on the words "Sign the Petition" that appear in the yellow oval.  This will take you to a page that shows all the   officials who will be contacted each time the petition is signed.
3.  Click on the words "Sign the Petition" in the yellow box on this page and you will taken to the petition at Change.org.
4.  Fill in the information at the right to sign the petition, and if you wish, leave your comments on why this is important to you. 
5.  Finally, click on the red box that says "Sign".