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Saturday, November 16, 2013

City (Pasadena) Installs First ‘Back-In’ Project to Solve Lack of Parking


November 15, 2013


The Department of Transportation will install the City’s first “Back-In” or reversed angled parking on a city street amid concerns of inadequate parking.
The Back-In parking will be installed on Vista Avenue between Foothill Boulevard and Sierra Madre Boulevard, which was chosen due to its existing roadway width and low traffic volume and speeds. The installation is set to be completed by Thursday, November 21.

The Department said in a statement that it expects the Back-In parking to provide additional parking spaces for the nearby businesses in the area.

Transportation Department noted that several installations of Back-In angled parking nationwide have demonstrated a number of benefits such as simpler maneuvering than parallel parking, improved visibility, reduction in collisions, improved safety to bicyclists, and easier loading and unloading.
City will pursue similar installations in other parts of Pasadena if the project proves to be successful, the Department said.

For more information, contact Norman Baculinao, traffic engineering manager, at (626) 744-4263.