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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Report Reveals that Air Pollution Damages Reproductive System


November 5, 2013

Report Reveals that Air Pollution Damages Reproduction System

The China Meteorological Administration and the China Academy of Social Sciences released a report on November 4 which claims that China’s air pollution can negatively affect the reproductive system. Other worrying effects caused by the pollution includes acid rain, increased death rates, exacerbated chronic diseases, progression of respiratory and heart diseases, and changes in the body’s immune system.

The report also claimed that China’s smog and air pollution has been gradually rising over the past 50 years and that pollution trends indicate a decrease in smog in the west of the country and an increase in the east. Most areas in the central and eastern parts of China suffer from 25 to 100 smoggy days per year; while certain localities may even experience more than 100 smoggy days. Apart from Xinjiang, most areas in western China have less than 5 smoggy days per year.