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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Traffic and Speeding Near San Rafael Elementary School Update

Email Update from Quincy Hocutt, November 6, 2013

  As you know, I solicited e-mail opinions regarding traffic from many residents of the streets surrounding the San Rafael Elementary School and you all responded, especially with regard to the City's announcement of raising the height of the speed humps.  I talked to many of the teachers and staff of the school, to some of the parents of students, and I even parked myself on several of the streets and made observations/counts and took pictures of what was going on.  I combined that with some of my own ideas to help resolve issues and presented it all to the City's Department of Transportation this morning, in conjunction with a representative of our City Councilman.   The department was very receptive and interested and it was obvious to me that they wish to help mitigate the problems that the school and the neighborhood are experiencing.

     It will obviously be a while before any decision or changes can be made, but they did indicate that they are having second thoughts about raising the height of the speed bumps, as they are reconsidering the effectiveness of such a height change.  But don't worry, they are as concerned as we are about speed on the streets, and the first step they will be taking is beginning to hand out speeding tickets to any offenders. Since the school traffic consists of the same people day after day, just that alone should have a dramatic impact.   I think they agreed with me that the real problems are with congestion, parking, and the flow of cars, and those issues are being worked.

      They asked me if I would help coordinate with the School Board on some of these problems, and I have actually begun that process with preliminary promising results.  

         I also got invited to their working meetings on their "Complete Streets" program, so if you have any other ideas on traffic or bikes or bumps or lights or lanes or busses, or .....,  let me know, if you wish,  and I'll make sure it all gets included. 

      By the way, I did make the neighbor's comments an important part of my presentation, but I made sure that there were no identifying names or circumstances or wording that would actually identify who said what.  But they were impressed with the quality of the input that I received from all the neighbors. 

Quincy Hocutt