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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Freeway Fighters Support Diana for South Pas City Council


By Joanne Nuckols, November 3, 2013

How much weight should we place in the endorsements of candidates for South Pasadena City Council?  With the issue of the 710 freeway/tunnel hanging like a black cloud over our city, and our neighboring cities of LA (El Sereno) and Pasadena, for the last 60 years, a lot!  There is a reason all of the long time 710 freeway fighters, State Senator Carol Liu, former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino support Diana Mahmud's candidacy for South Pasadena City Council.  Diana is against the 710 in any form and a woman of action. We have all seen her in action and in the case of the 710, actions speak louder than words.

Diana is working with the grassroots No 710 Action Committee to oppose the tunnel alternative from being adopted by Metro and Caltrans.  Her previous legal background and her extensive construction law experience have provided valuable input which is helping to bolster our efforts to stop the tunnel project as soon as we can by exposing the flaws in Metro's EIR process, among other strategies.

With her "can do" attitude, Diana is exactly the person we need on the city council at this exact time to finally rid the city of this longtime burden.  Just as the election, two years ago, of Dr. Marina Khubesrian and Bob Joe brought a new life to our longtime 710 struggle, that ultimately lead to the elimination of the surface freeway threat a few weeks ago, we need a necessary shot in the arm now if we ever expect to win this battle and rid the city of this tunnel threat once and for all.

To keep our City's positive momentum going, please join me in voting for Diana Mahmud for City Council.