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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

China buried behind masks as air pollution goes through the roof

Air pollution in China has reached the "highest level" in 16 provinces, including capital Beijing, according to official metrics


December 24, 2013


Sixteen Chinese provinces have registered highest degree of air pollution according to the official weather agency, as China's air woes reach alarming levels.

People in China are now used to wearing masks in the streets of capital Beijing and 15 other provinces due to rapidly deteriorating air quality.

Experts urge children, elders and people with breathing difficulty to avoid going out if possible.
Air pollution in the 16 provinces has been measured at the sixth degree, the highest according to the PM2.5 metric, Chinese Meteorology Agency announced.

This particularly intense level of pollution is expected to continue befogging the sky in those cities till Wednesday.

For the pollution alarm systems four levels are implemented in China such as blue, yellow, orange and red, and it is reported that current degree is ranging between orange and red.

Local authorities suggest the citizens not to do high effort exercises and open windows in closed areas.

Chinese Transportation and Airlines authorities earlier made it obligatory for pilots regular at 10 airports to receive blind landing training. The practice is planned for implementation by January 1, 2014.