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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Parklet program expands citywide


December 17, 2013

Los Angeles officials on Tuesday approved expansion of a pilot program to create parklets at parking spaces as a way to expand green space throughout the city under what it is calling the People Street Program.

Under the program to be administered by the Department of Transportation, communities can apply to convert what are considered under-utilized areas to create plazas, parklets and bike corrals around the city.

Councilman Jose Huizar, in whose district the program has operated, said it has proven valuable in improving the quality of life of residents and getting people to begin using the streets and investing in local businesses.
Councilman Felipe
 Fuentes said it also has value in slowing down traffic and making a community more pedestrian friendly and walkable.

The concept of parklets developed in San Francisco in 2005 when some activists fed coins into a parking meter and reclaimed the spot for a day by rolling out mats of grass and sitting in the improvised park.