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Monday, December 23, 2013

Streetsie Awards People’s Choice: Vote for the Best and Worst of 2013


By Tanya Snyder, December 20, 2013


We’ve been very restrained all year, people. Out there in the world, people were doing crazy things and amazing things, and all year we have refrained from giving out cheeky awards for awesomeness or idiocy.

Well all right, we may have accidentally given out a few cheeky awards along the way — worst intersection (Omaha), worst parking crater (Tulsa), most insipid motor mouth (St. Louis County’s David Wrone). But by and large, we have been truly demure.

Time to take the muzzle off. What did we think of 2013, Streetsblog community? Here we tell the bozos what we thought of their shenanigans and take our hats off to the sustainable-streets heroes out there.

Cast your votes by midnight on New Year’s Eve. When that ball drops, this poll ends. We’ll post the results when we come back to work, January 2.

Until then, we wish you the happiest of holidays.

Most Kick-Ass Grassroots Movement for Livable Streets
Outrage of the Year
Best Place to Tear Down a Highway
Safe Streets Star of the Business Community
There Are So Many Potential Candidates For This Award For State Ineptitude
Most Awesome DIYer of the Year
Issue That Most Needs to Resolve Itself Because We’re Just Really Sick of Talking About It
The Clearest and Most Exciting Evidence that the Country Is Changing
Biggest Bonehead