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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

There Is Now An App To Decode LA's Insane Parking Signage


By Adrian Glick Kudler, December 17, 2013




 Los Angeles is known for its byzantine parking rules and signage (here's a particularly absurd example), and actor/writer/IT consultant (because duh! LA!) Michael Brouillet had a particularly tough time with it all when he moved here from Texas. (Particularly: "I quickly tallied up $1,500 in parking tickets … I'd been towed three times and received too many parking tickets to count." But he's not alone--the city pulls in about $150 million a year in parking tickets, which Brouillet notes on Zocalo is "a regressive but reliable system of cash flow.") So he taught himself how to make a smartphone app and created Park Safe LA, which has one section for basic information, like what the hell various curb colors mean, and a "Help Me Park" section which helps you decode the exact parking signs you're looking at. It probably shouldn't be necessary, but seriously, those signs can get really crazy.
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