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Monday, December 9, 2013

What if

By Mayor Steven Placido, D.D.S.
 What if the 710 Freeway were 
never completed?
Note: The traditional rotation of the
mayor took place Nov. 25 in the City
Council Chambers at City Hall. Stephen
Sham replaced Steven Placido, D.D.S., as
mayor, and Gary Yamauchi became vice
The 710 Freeway was originally
designed to connect the 10 and the
210 freeways; yet, for the last 50 years,
residents of Alhambra have suffered
with the effects of an unfinished 710
Freeway. In the coming year, the
Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
will address the affects of five options
for the 710 Freeway. One option
completes the 710 Freeway, another
is a “no-build” option. Residents of
Alhambra support the freeway option
while South Pasadena and La Canada
support the no-build option.
By 2035, the no-build option
would result in staggering changes
for Alhambra and the entire region of
Southern California.
Traffic delays and congestion
will increase by 28% in Los Angeles
During daily peak hours, north-
south roadway congestion will be 15%
greater than east-west travel.
Local street congestion and travel
times will continue to increase due to
an unfinished 710 Freeway.
Regional trips with origins and
destinations outside the study area
or “cut-through” traffic contribute to
congestion on local arterials.
The percentage of cut-through
traffic is expected to increase from ap-
proximately 19% in 2008 to 25% in
2035 on local arterials.
Due to limited north-south freeway
routes, commuter traffic is pushed
onto local streets. Throughout the
study area, four-lane north-south
arterials such as Fremont Avenue,
Atlantic Boulevard, Garfield Avenue,

San Gabriel Boulevard, and Rosemead
Boulevard each carry more than
35,000 commuter vehicles per day. In
contrast to north-south arterials, only
Huntington Drive, a six-lane arterial,
carries comparable traffic volumes in
the east-west direction.
The Southern California Association
of Governments’ six-county popula-
tion will increase from 18.1 million
in 2010 to 22.1 million. Population
within the study area alone, which
includes the western portion of the San
Gabriel Valley, will increase from 1.18
million (2008) to 1.33 million (2035).
For more information from
METRO about the SR-710
Study, visit http://www.metro.
For the no-build fact sheet visit:
What if the 710 Freeway
were completed? 
When measured against the 2035
no-build (or the baseline condition),
the 710 Tunnel is projected to:
Reduce arterial and freeway conges-
tion by over 20%.
Carry up to 51,000 vehicles (north-
bound + southbound) in the four- hour
p.m. peak period.
Handle up to 180,000 vehicles
Remove more than 75,000 daily
trips from the local street system.
Reduce regional cut-through traffic
up to 25% (or one in four vehicles).
Eliminate congestion at 22% of all
intersections studied.
Initial design elements and
features of the 710 tunnel
The initial concept calls for two-
level twin bored tunnels with four
lanes in each direction; short segments
of cut-and-cover tunnels at the south
and north termini to provide access
to the bored tunnels; a portal at the
southern terminus located south of
Valley Boulevard; a portal at the north-
ern terminus located north of Del Mar
The 710 Freeway Gap between the
10 and 210 Freeways is approximately
6.3 miles long. Closing the Gap would
include a bored tunnel (4.2 miles),
cut-and-cover tunnel (0.7 miles), and
at-grade (1.4 miles) segments. The
bored tunnel would have an outside
diameter of about 59.5 feet and would
be located approximately 100 to150
feet below surface.
For the 710 Tunnel fact sheet visit:
2014 promises to be an exciting
year for the 710 Freeway. Show your
support for Closing the Gap at http://
On behalf of the entire Alhambra
City Council, may you and your fam-
ily enjoy a thankful Thanksgiving, a
merry Christmas, and a happy Hanuk-
kah. And may the New Year find you
healthy, active, and joyful.