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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mar Vista Mom Fighting For a Less Pot-Holey Venice Boulevard


By Neal Broverman, April 1, 2013


Longtime Mar Vista resident Linda Jones has had it with the beat-up state of Venice Boulevard between Overland and Lincoln, so she's planning a protest over the rutted, pot-holed mess, which is scary for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and baby carriage-pushers. For more than a year and a half, Jones went through the normal channels to complain about Venice, according to the Mar Vista Mom blog; she was first told by her City Council rep that the boulevard is actually considered a state highway and thus under the purview of the California Department of Transportation. Caltrans hasn't gotten back to her about her complaints nor have other agencies or government officials--so she's taking it to the streets, encouraging others to join her protest on the morning of April 28 at Venice and Grand View. "There's portions of Venice Boulevard you cannot walk across, bike across, and certainly you cannot drive through," Jones says in a video.


L.A. to launch new 311 app


By Rick Orlov, March 30, 2013

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will unveil the city's first comprehensive mobile app allowing residents to report problems and request services on everything from tree trimming to pothole repair on their cellphones.

Called MYLA311, the app has been in the development stage for months and early versions were used by several City Council offices to test out before the citywide version was released.

"MyLA311 is a major leap forward in making City Hall a more tech friendly place" Villaraigosa said.

"Angelenos now have a direct mobile portal to vital services and key city information. This will spur a more open and transparent government. MyLA311 puts the power of City Hall in the palm of your hand. "

The app will be available for download at Apple Apps and Google Play stores for IPhones and Android devices.

Villaraigosa said the app is designed to allow residents to pay their Department of Water and Power bills, get general city information as well as report issues such as potholes and graffiti as well as request city services.

It also allows people to take photos of problems, like potholes, email it in and it will be tracked by mapping services. City agencies are also to report back to callers on the status of their request.

The mayor first discussed the app last February when the new city's website was released and said it was based on what is being used in other cities, but he believes it will go further and become a national model.

It will be updated so that future versions reflect what the public says is needed as well as to include bilingual features.

Here Are the 'Hoods You Can Blame For the Death of the Transit-Speeding Measure J


By Neal Broverman, April 1, 2013







                                                                Groundbreaking ceremony for Westside subway pre-construction work

One of the big complaints about Metro is how long they take to deliver on big-ticket transit projects, and last year's Measure J was their partial solution to that--the ballot initiative would have extended 2008's Measure R tax increase for at least 30 years and allowed the agency to obtain loans to open projects like the Westside subway extension years sooner than planned. But Measure J, like all tax measures in the state, needed three-quarters of voter approval and it failed in November by all of 16,000 votes, with 66.1 percent of the electorate voting in favor of it. As politicians introduce legislation to change the tax initiative threshold to 55 percent, the Los Angeles Times looks at the sliver of voters who doomed Measure J. Compared to Measure R, support for J eroded in many South Bay communities, already a tax-averse area: "In Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance and Rolling Hills, the analysis found, support for Measure J dropped between 6 percentage points and 10 percentage points compared with Measure R." The South Bay's one big in-the-works transit project is an extension of the Green Line into Torrance, though some locals already oppose it. Support for J in outer-area, and car-dependent, communities like Malibu and Agua Dulce was also much diminished compared to R.  

Beverly Hills and its school board now have four separate lawsuits against Metro and the FTA because the Westside subway extension will tunnel underneath Beverly Hills High School. Some Bev Hills officials joined with the Bus Riders Union to oppose Measure J--the wealthy city's support for the measure was down 16 percent compared to Measure R. Some in South LA always came down hard on J because they're fighting for a tunnel on the Crenshaw Line, as well as a station in Leimert Park.

BNSF and Architects Cosponsor “Great Park” Design Competition for Commerce Rail Yard


By Brian Addison, April 1, 2013

With the certification of the Environmental Impact Report [EIR] by the Los Angeles Harbor Commission for the development of a near-dock railyard, Burlington North Santa Fe Railroad Company [BNSF] called  a joint press conference today with the City of Commerce Chapter of American Institute of Architects [AIA] to announce the future of another rail facility..the decommission of their Hobart Yard transfer facility in the City of Commerce.
AIA had their own proposal for the former "Hobart Yard" in Commerce.

This announcement had come as little surprise as numerous press releases for the proposed SCIG and accompanying Environmental Impact Report cited the intention to remove the 1.3 million trucks from the Interstate 710 Freeway.

BNSF representatives April Feuel stated, “SCIG will allow trucks to bring cargo from the ports just four miles before transferring them onto rail, rather than driving 20 miles up the 710 Freeway to BNSF’s Commerce rail yard.”

The chair of the City of Commerce AIA followed, praised BNSF, noting that this realignment of rail infrastructure has created the opportunity to reimagine a bold future for the City of Commerce and neighboring communities of Maywood, Bell Garden and Montebello.

“The City of Commerce will see a bright future as the Hobart Yard is reimagined as a regional-scale park, complimented by community amenities and new job center.”
Representatives of the Commerce AIA and BNSF announced that they will be co-sponsoring an international competition to design a new 250 acre park that combines much needed public open space with economic generators, into a sustainable development that seamlessly integrates into the surrounding communities. 

“We imagine this park to be a grand initiative on par with the Wilmington Waterfront Park and Los Angeles Historic State Park developed near Chinatown on the site of another former railyard.”  Continuing, they stated that a park encompassing the Hobart Yard would be the largest in the region until reaching Elysian Park five miles away.

While many residents around the Hobart Yard are praising the news, West Long Beach residents continue to be dismayed by the near-dock rail facility proposed to be built behind their homes and schools.

In the same press conference, BNSF representatives shared their intention to mitigate the new facility’s impacts on West Long Beach. “BNSF will construct a permanent 12-foot high soundwall along the eastern side of the Terminal Island Freeway from W. 20th St. to Sepulveda Blvd. After construction of the soundwall, BNSF has offered to install landscaping along the entire length of the soundwall. BNSF will plant intensive landscaping on the western side of the Terminal Island Freeway between PCH and Sepulveda Boulevard.” 

This was a similar strategy proposed between the Los Angeles community of Wilmington and the Trans Pacific Terminal development before the Port of Los Angeles invested $70 million dollar [and 30 acres of Port property] to develop the mile-long, block-wide Wilmington Waterfront Park that now separates Angelenos from the port complex.

When reporters asked about developing a greenbelt along the proposed SCIG project similar to the Wilmington greenbelt, BNSF officials stated that like the Trans Pacific Terminal development, they only had in their budget one great park and they chose to locate in the City of Commerce.  AIA representatives followed up with that maybe after the 50 year lease between BNSF and the Port of Los Angeles expires, they can explore converting the railyard into a park, like Hobart.

Details of the design competition will be forth-coming but BNSF stated that their intention would be to develop the new park as soon as the SCIG project is completed, so cargo can be shifted from the Hobart Yard, and finally closed.

Local design enthusiasts have expressed excitement as rumors of James Corner Field Operations from the world famous High Line [linear park developed on former elevated train tracks in New York], 2013 Pritzker Prize winning architect Toyo Ito and Ken Smith Workshop, of Santa Fe Railyard Park fame are all mentioned to be considering entering the competition.  What is yet to be determined are next steps for the California Department of Transportation, as they determine the impacts of removing Hobart Yards truck traffic, and the need to expand the Interstate 710 Freeway.
Will You Be Queen 


By Kat Ward, April 1, 2013

jrblog doodahqueens 300x236 Will You Be Queen Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Doo Dah Queen tryouts doo dah parade  photoIndividuals of all genders, shapes, ages, and persuasions will test their fate to become queen.

So states the literature informing the denizens of Pasadena of the upcoming tryouts (raucous spectacle) to determine who will be queen of the 36th Occasional Doo Dah Parade.

Contestants are usually outnumbered by equally-costumed judges, who include many former queens, and another hundred or so parade entrants, tryout supporters, Legion members, and the curious public.

Doo Dah Queen tryouts will be held Sunday, April 7th at the American Legion Bar on Vinedo Street in East Pasadena.

The first 20 Queen Hopefuls to arrive get in FREE (1 admission per Queen’s entourage). Each Queen 

Hopeful will have a few minutes to WOW the Judges. Microphone and boom box, even drumroll, provided. Be ready to show us and tell us why YOU should be Queen! Bring Loyal Followers and HUMOR! Tell them to buy the judges a beer to get a chance to vote. Hecklers encouraged!

And, how else would you want to spend a Sunday?

Good luck to all who dare…

We’ll expect a proper Queenly wave along the parade route…
QueenSkittles JulieKlima 300x390 Will You Be Queen Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Doo Dah Queen tryouts doo dah parade  photo
Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Queen Skittles (Julie Klima)

Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Queen Tryouts
Sunday, April 7th
American Legion Bar
179. N. Vinedo St., East Pasadena, between Walnut and Colorado
2 p.m.: doors open, live music begins
3-4 p.m.: Queen Hopefuls check-in; judges arrive
4:30-7 p.m.: Doo Dah Queen tryouts
7:30: Doo Dah Queen 2013 is crowned
Cost: $5 cover, except for first 20 Queen Hopefuls—cash only!

For any unanswered questions, call 626.590.1134


Applications for parade entrants are still being accepted. Find entry information and form HERE.

36th Occasional Doo Dah Parade with Grand Marshall Alan Zorthian
Saturday, April 27th, 11 a.m.

Parade route: Colorado Blvd., between San Gabriel Blvd. & Altadena Dr.

Scenes from Doo Dah 2012:
PasadenaDooDah2012 KatWard 300x451 Will You Be Queen Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Doo Dah Queen tryouts doo dah parade  photo

PasadenaDooDah2012 KatWard A Will You Be Queen Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Doo Dah Queen tryouts doo dah parade  photo
PasadenaDooDah2012 KatWard B 300x451 Will You Be Queen Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Doo Dah Queen tryouts doo dah parade  photo

PasadenaDooDah2012 KatWard C 300x451 Will You Be Queen Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Doo Dah Queen tryouts doo dah parade  photo

stupidiotic.com  Will You Be Queen Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Doo Dah Queen tryouts doo dah parade  photo
Comments to "Minority of L.A. County voters quashed transit tax extention," Los Angeles Times, March 31, 013: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-tax-vote-20130331,0,926533.story

Just some of the 179 comments. Go to the original article to find more comments.

anoncalusa at 9:15 AM April 1, 2013 half cent tax for 30 years would  pay govt jobs for 30 years.. who are they fooling.. why 30 years??LOL!!!
Warren at 9:06 AM April 1, 2013 Maybe the residents in the area where the rail lines will be bulit should pay a special tax on their properties since they would benefit the most from the lines.
Warren at 10:02 AM April 1, 2013 The residents in Downtown LA recently voted on a special tax for a streetcar line. why shouldn't other residents do the same?
TKLA-67 at 7:42 AM April 1, 2013 Good.  That's exactly why the 2/3 law was passed.  RAISED taxes should have a super majority.
Tython at 6:52 AM April 1, 2013 Translation?
Certain types of people who are more successfully entrenched and self sufficient don't want to contribute thru taxation to making life easier for the recently arrived mob who they think are already sponging enough?
Could that be it?
Could it be certain people who can afford to live close to the beach do not want to give certain other people easier access to their neighborhoods on the way to the beach and back?
Why is exclusion or a 'tax created' gated community trying to enter my mind right now, and simply is accomplished thru taxation here, or lack there of in the guise of no more spending, which we actually need to compete and function into the future?
Anything that could benefit the new under class in Los Angeles is frowned upon, except when you need a cheap dishwasher or construction helper?
Hey, don't get me wrong, the WHOLE WORLD CANNOT COME TO CALIFORNIA, but we have to be real about moving forwards with who those are here, and those who will end up 'remaining here?'
And then there's this 66% crap which insures what I just spoke of. Just like congress is and how the California capitol used to be.
I guess this is how a minority maintains control, thus power?
The old time excluding plantational system, revised, veiled and continued.
Of course illegal invasion is no angel either.
" Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong??? "
AdamVant2 at 6:01 PM March 31, 2013 Look at the signs in Spanish. Good God Almighty how I despise these people.

Lorenzo Mutia at 7:30 PM March 31, 2013 At least you acknowledge that they're people.
Gregory Creswell at 5:01 PM March 31, 2013 What those elected looters are saying is we are mad about losing to voters who want to keep their money so we will change the law(s) to make it easier to committ income rape.
MarkSantaRomana at 4:38 PM March 31, 2013 The City of LA and the County of Los Angeles, like Sacramento, is a dark hole when it comes to taxes.  Taxpayers never get their monies' worth.
Hank Starr at 4:23 PM March 31, 2013 Of course Howard Jarvis taxpayer's association would justify the failure of Measure J. Their interest is nothing more than political gerrymandering for Repubican interests, you know to protect the wealthy from paying for services or project that can actually help the greater community.

There's the same group that often are associated with NIMBY's.
anoncalusa at 8:35 AM April 1, 2013 HJT prevented even more bloated govt.. we need their help again..
wmark1963 at 8:36 AM April 1, 2013 Oh... so it's only the wealthy who pay sales tax... I had not realized that.
anoncalusa at 8:50 AM April 1, 2013 look at your tax schedule for 2013... middle class and the rich were taxed.. the poor nope.. so, they lied again....
Metrotorrance at 4:17 PM March 31, 2013 One of the problems was it was a bad time for the MTA to request voters pass a half cent sales tax when the state and certain cities were asking for a half cent increase in sales taxes the same time this was on the ballot.  I have always been a supporter of public transportation.  And I appreciate what MTA has done to move people around the area; however, it has reached the point where residents of Southern California feel they are being taxed to death.  This is the reason that the movie industry, private companies and residents are leaving the state because it becomes more difficult to make ends meet living in California.  It may get to the point that unless you are wealthy, you can not live in Southern California.  Many people will begin to wonder if the high cost of living is woth paying for the nice weather that we have.
anoncalusa at 4:16 PM March 31, 2013 That minority saved the majority from higher taxes.
Hank Starr at 4:30 PM March 31, 2013 The minority shot down accelating transit projects to alleviate horrible traffic congestion for the greater commnunity.
The rich don't want to pay their fair share.
MarkSantaRomana at 4:43 PM March 31, 2013 Exactly.  The 2/3 majority rule protects us all from voracious politicians who with special interest money can convince at least 1/2 of the people to pass anything they want by mislabeling the initiative.
MarkSantaRomana at 4:48 PM March 31, 2013 Hank:  They already had the money from the 2008 measure.  Measure J is asking for more money because they had already squandered the Billions they were got.  At some point, as a tax payer, you just got to say no.
tierraclsd at 6:17 PM March 31, 2013 The measure was to extend the current 1/2 cent tax for another 30 years. So taxes actually wouldn't have gone up had it passed. But we would be paying what we are now for a much longer period of time.

anoncalusa at 8:34 AM April 1, 2013 none of those projects would fix congestion problems, those were projects so that govt employees could retire on non existant projects...
anoncalusa at 8:36 AM April 1, 2013 @ Hank, the poor and illegal don't pay anything.. it's the middle class that pays for everything, Look at Tax schedule, Obama didn't tax the rich.. Obama taxed everyone the little liar...

brad hamilton at 9:38 AM April 1, 2013 Uh, no Hank, a minority did not think it fair to be selfish, piggish baby boomers who would use all the money in the next ten years and lterally have our great grand children 6o years from now picking up the tab.
My gosh man, this tax was a 30 year extension, on top of the 30 years already approved by the "selfish minority" in the first place.
If we follow your logic, why not extend the tax 100 years since we will all be dead so who gives a sh#%t?
I am a New Deal Democrat who has never voted wingnut in my lifetime. But the current Dems are corrupt Tammany Hall types who are destroying the city.
No more with the waste and corruption. LA does it ring a Bell?
Scott Zwartz at 3:18 PM March 31, 2013 Before they increase taxes or reduce union pensions, they should re-negotiate some of the deals with developers.  Eli Broad, a billionaire, pays $1 per year for his land next to the Disney Center in downtown LA.  Does anyone think Eli is paying market value?  Let Eli pay full market value.

The City also gave Eli $52 Million to build a parking garage next to his $1/year art museum.  Let's tell Eli to give back the $52 Million. 

If there is a 66% requirement to raise taxes, there should be a 66% requirement before the City gives away tax dollars. 

Bunker Hill pays no incremental property tax.  Now that the CRA is dead, it is time for Bunker Hill to make up for all its decades of its free ride at the tax payers' expense.  All CRA property should be re-assessed as of 2-1-2012, the death date of the CRA, and then all CRA projects should pay 100% of the proper property tax plus a %10 surcharge.  The 10% surcharge would slowly help the City recoup the lost tax revenue from Bunker Hill's never paying incremental property taxes.

Making these freeloading, tax sponges pay their fair should would probably erase the city's entire projected deficit -- without raising taxes.
From Washington DC to Wall Street to Los Angeles, the game is the same -- soak the taxpayers and give tax $ to the crooks and then tax people some more. Let the crooks return some of the money before raising taxes.
milbuncy at 3:16 PM March 31, 2013 Lets see. Voter turnout was 22% of the electorate. So the fact is that less than 14.51% of the voters almost ended up getting us to pay for 30 years of increased sales taxes for transit programs that really do not work. And politicians think that it is something thats bad? The article should state that a minority of the minority of all registered voters quashed transit tax extension.
George1la at 2:53 PM March 31, 2013 Why doesn't the times appreciate the importance of Lisa Korbatov and Beverly Hills?  The fact is that no one thought that Beverly Hills could join with the brown, black, rich and poor for a common goal and that was to stop the total arrogance of the MTA towards all communities.  I was at the recent inauguration of the Beverly Hills Mayor and Cith Council.  I was so please to hear the mayor and city council talkin about the importance of ethics and transparency.  You can even call in at a live city council meeting and have your question put to the mayor and city council in real time.  We believe that all children are important even rich students.  Other communities believe that Beverly Hills has a right to protect the safety of their children at Beverly Hills High School and they believe in the rights of other communities such as the way that the Crenshaw Community has been treated.  Measure J only had one paragraph for $90 billion.  There is a reason that under $25,000 beat $90 billion in under 3 weeks.  Anyone know of that happening before?  It is because all communities came together in their common interests against a common devil, MTA.  We did it with facts.  The Bus Riders Union was correct when they said during Measure R they would cut bus service.  Is 1,000,000 hours enough?
Corrupt-O-Crats at 2:47 PM March 31, 2013 And this is bad news ?????  I guess this means that the minority didn't want their taxes raised yet again !!!!
If it were such a GREAT idea it should've passed with flying colors...
Bill D. at 3:09 PM March 31, 2013 You're rarely going to find more than 66% of the county will agree the sky is blue at any given moment.
Bill D. at 2:28 PM March 31, 2013 There was a great deal of misinformation about Measure J.
It pushed the end date for the existing half cent Measure R tax, but DID NOT increase the tax or add any additional taxes on top of what we have now.
In return, it would have sped-up 30 years of infastructure construction that would exist for generations to come. Given that other American cities are still actively making use of transit work completed in the 1890s, its clear to me that we would have gotten our money's worth.
godzilla3 at 2:23 PM March 31, 2013 "It's an absurd threshold that's been imposed on us."  It is tere to try and prevent the tax and spend crowd from taxing us to death!!!!!
Scott Zwartz at 3:19 PM March 31, 2013 We approved Gov Brown's tax increase -- because he killed the corrupt CRA's.  People do not want to pay more taxes when the politicos steal the money.

Buttercupnb at 1:39 PM March 31, 2013 "with higher concentrations of staunchly anti-tax voters"
Shouldn't ALL voters in California be "Anti-Tax" at this point? What have they done with all of the taxes (the HIGHEST in the nation)???
WASTE, corruption, greed...enough that would shock the Roman Empire.
STOP pitting the people of this nation against each other...
hmerdick at 1:22 PM March 31, 2013 Been in California since 1969 and have seen taxes going thru the roof. Brown's 1/4% sales tax increase has done zilch for our economy and favors a select few. I say always vote an emphatic NO on all tax increases.
Mdmmignon at 1:09 PM March 31, 2013 Those listed as "journalists/reporters" are "new" to The Times?  Is this what we can expect?
Having "seeped" into various "pages," that dimension of "political process" CONTROLLED BY PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS and now the RUN-UP to "elections" of city and county offices in Los Angeles, it has been a serial comedy, akin to a "sports contest," who is in the running stretch .. UNIONS again mowing down "little people?"
So why not make it even easier for UNION THUGGERY to CONTROL THE POLITICAL PROCESS?  After all, they are continually NEEDY for MORE, MORE, MORE on the PUBLIC DOLE?  Reducing votes required from 2/3 would be THEIR SALVATION from the greedy "little people" that would consumer THEIR TAX DOLLARS in SERVICES REQUIRED?  The LAPD, Department of LA Water and Power and the Brotherhood of electrical engineers with far more clout that the people bludgeoned by cops out of control and the water and power bills for the personnel highest paid in the nation?  They are now working to "increase" voter participation, the same turned off by decades old corruption of political process; what is there for "the little people" that are suffocated by purge of services and increases of UNION POWER and those dollars?

brockse47 at 1:07 PM March 31, 2013 I'm a progressive who believes that a solution other than permanently (almost anyway) increasing the most regressive tax available needs to be found.  The only reason this was offered was because of Senate Republican obstinance and hostility to LA.  Getting an advance from fed Dept of Trans upon Congressional approval far better option even if it means waiting another 2 years.  And who knows what could happen if our almost departed Mayor finds a job with the Feds.
gregdn at 2:44 PM March 31, 2013 Getting an advance from the DOT?  Kind of like a 'payday loan' for L.A. huh?  I'd like to think we can come up with a more sound answer than that.

Hurricane12 at 1:02 PM March 31, 2013 Oh yes, let's make it easier to pass taxes in a state where people are already leaving the state in droves due to ridiculous taxes, and an even more absurd cost of living!  My God California liberals are so stupid!  The tax and spend policies of California liberals are stupid beyond comprehension!
Liberals are too dumb to realize that at a certain point taxes can become so high that the government will actually start to bring in a negative revenue, because taxpayers will move elsewhere where tax are lower and aren't confiscatory in nature.  Look at France!  Millionaries are fleeing France with their ridiculous taxes, and they are taking their money elsewhere, and the government is losing revenue as a result of confiscatory taxes.
Lorenzo Mutia at 1:59 PM March 31, 2013 How can you compare CA to France? Their taxes on the wealthy are through the roof with high-profile individuals leaving. I don't see much of that in CA and I don't see many people leaving cause we damn as sure can't afford to leave, unless we get a better paying job in some other state but are there are even jobs to begin with?
Scott Zwartz at 3:29 PM March 31, 2013 There is no comparison between LA and France.
People do not want to vote for more taxes after just increasing the sales tax because they know that the money is not used to benefit the public but to benefit the crooks.  If I say that I am increasing taxes for fire and police and if I even earmark all that tax revenue for fire and police, all I have to do is de-fund the fire and police from the general fund.  That way I free up tax dollars to give to real estate developers who then fund my campaign to become mayor.  The fire and police do not end up with a penny more.
The biggest fraud with the transit taxes is that the politicos know for a fact that these subways will not reduce traffic congestion.  The Famed Subway to the Sea would decrease traffic congestion a maximum of 1%. People voted for the transit taxes not because they want to ride the subway, but because they were told it would make surface street and freeway traffic faster.

HelenofPeel at 12:58 PM March 31, 2013 Even from my liberal armchair, I can understand why the suburbs were against the transit tax extension.
1) They will bear the heaviest burden of paying the tax
2) They have seen very little benefit of the tax where they live
So why would they want to fund something that is NOT helping them in their daily lives?
borgcube1 at 1:03 PM March 31, 2013 You'd better check your temperature. And quick!
lbjack at 1:35 PM March 31, 2013 Helen, you just defined greed.
Lorenzo Mutia at 2:01 PM March 31, 2013 I think its narrow-minded-ness. Suburbanites, such as myself, need to realize that the more people with access to public transit, the easier it is for them to get around in decent time in their comfy cars. My car is anything but comfy, much less economical, so I need transit options.
Lorenzo Mutia at 2:05 PM March 31, 2013 There are plans in the works to extend light-rail to suburban places like the South Bay and the San Fernando Valley, don't tell me no one wants that.
Scott Zwartz at 3:42 PM March 31, 2013 Dear Lorenzo Mutia,
Fixed rail including subways covers about 5% of LA -- the County is about 5,000 sq miles.  Thus, fixed rail transit does not serve anyone well.  I suppose we could live with the extra financial burden which fixed rail would impose provided we prevented mixed-use high density construction.
Mixed-use construction increases density and density means more cars per sq mile.  The alternative is that people who live near subways must become Urban Serfs tied to their little part of LA.  Without a car, 95% of LA is out of their reach.
People do not voluntarily become Urban Serfs.  Thus, we see two things happending.
(1)  The mixed use projects remain empty.  Only 15% of the condos in the W Hotel in Hollywood were sold after 2 years and it is built on top of a subway station.
(2) People move away from the increased density.  After construction of the Hollywood subway, the popuation exodus increased by 400%.  That means areas around the subways fill up with Default Tenants, i.e., people who cannot afford to live somewhere better.
As long as the taxpayers were paying the bills with tax dollars, the crooks were happy.  After the abolition of the CRA and lost of Prop A, LA is functionally bankrupt.
cafehunk at 12:54 PM March 31, 2013 We can support a change away from the 66% rule when the rule is changed to have each vote weighted by the taxes paid by each voting citizen in the past 12 months. If you didn't pay taxes, we don't need to get your vote, and if you didn't vote, we don't need to count you.
forparity at 12:59 PM March 31, 2013 Plus a literacy test. A photo_ID (even Jimmy Carter is a staunch supporter of a national photo ID law).
Voters should know the names of their Senators and representative (Federal level and state level), President and VP, and Gov and Lt Gov.
At a min.
Scott Zwartz at 3:48 PM March 31, 2013 Dear forparity:
You'd think,  but the well educated wealthy Hills voted for Garcetti in the Primary over 52% of the time.  Garcetti is the person most responsible for LA's being functionally bankrupt. The LA Times wrote an article this summeer showing that due to Garcetti's downsizing the LAFD and cutting $200 Million from paramedics and fire fighters, the longest response times are to the Hills. Yep, the very guy who increases the death rate for the Hills is their choice for mayor.
Whether you are rich or poor, you should base your votes on facts.
Lorenzo Mutia at 12:38 PM March 31, 2013 From what I know, the plan was just to extend the length of the tax not the tax itself. I couldn't vote at the time, but if I could I definitely would have voted for Measure J. I don't know if this really pitting the wealthy against the poor, but we all benefit from more transit options and its not like the money is going to come from thin air. I don't like taxes but we need to face facts, yeah our politicans are getting paid more and so are the CEOs and other bosses while the rest of us are getting less and less statistically. Fat chance that any of them are gonna take pay cuts to help fund transit. It's cynical but at least they're willing to go ahead and build it for us (as if they're going to use it). I'm definitely going to use a train thats only a half-a-mile from my house as opposed to 10 miles from my home. Better than driving (that's gas money padding another CEOs check).

Mdmmignon at 1:12 PM March 31, 2013 Spoken like a "CARD CARRYIN'" UNION MOUTHPIECE! 
Lorenzo Mutia at 2:02 PM March 31, 2013 Unfortunately, I don't even have a job. I'm just a struggling student :(

Scott Zwartz at 3:53 PM March 31, 2013 Dear Mr. Mutia
Study harder.  Try reading Joel Kotkin, Henry Pontell and ead abut Accountig Control Fraud.
BTW, it does not matter if you live on top of a subway station, it is of no benefit when your destination is miles and miles from a subway station.   Google Los Angeles Traffic Study 1915 and you will see the math and finances of subways.
Or you could draw a large circle with a 20 mile radius and then figure out how you would service that area with subway stations 1/2 a mile apart.

Scott Zwartz at 4:27 PM March 31, 2013 Dear Mr. Mutia
http://bit.ly/pRab9D  This is the shortened link the the city with traffic data.  There was a time -long long ago -- when transportation planning was done by engineers and not foo-foo city planners working for developers.
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    tommythek50 at 12:34 PM March 31, 2013 The Times staff are truly delusional....
    A "majority" voted to end the tax, not the "minority."  Hello?  The will of the people?  Every vote counts.
    How the Times spins it backwards from "fact."
    Their lead in makes as much sense as one last November that would have said, "Minority of U.S. voters quashed a Republican President."
    Do they really believe we are all that stupid?