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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Antonovich: Recent Metro poll 'meaningless'


January 11, 2014

LOS ANGELES COUNTY —  A recent poll costing over $35,000, commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, failed to accurately gauge public opinion on a proposed transportation measure, announced Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

“This poll failed to comply with the MTA Board directive to ask voters whether they would support new regional transportation projects in their neighborhoods including rail connections to the five airports that serve Los Angeles County. Instead, the poll was stuck in a time warp, asking voters whether they would support the failed Measure J proposal focused on accelerating subways.”

The poll was done without input from MTA Board Members.  This is a deliberate distortion as the questions were poorly written and flat out wrong.  Also the poll is a misuse of public funds as Metro approved the questions to further its own agenda – a ½ cent extension to grow their bureaucracy.

“With incomplete and erroneous questions, the poll that failed to ask voters directly about the importance of creating a truly regional transportation system with new local transportation solutions and rail connections to our regional airports -- instead questions focused on subways,” said Antonovich.  “A new poll should be taken with questions that will effectively and accurately gauge public opinion on projects derived from local consensus.”

“Unlike Measure J, the new proposed transit measure will be with a ground-up, local perspective on how to invest in our future,” he added.  “A new poll should reflect these priorities and not be a continuation of the failed effort to pass Measure J."

“MTA has no excuse for rushing this poll forward without first consulting with its Board of Directors.  With polls taking only a few days to complete, vetting the questions with the elected officials on the Board first to gain their input before going to the public that they serve should have been the appropriate course of action.  Failure to do so has rendered this poll meaningless,” said Antonovich.