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Monday, January 13, 2014

Here's The Mindblowing LA Rail Map Of The Future From Her


By Adrian Glick Kudler, January 13, 2014




Spike Jonze's new movie Her takes place in a utopian Los Angeles of the not-too-distant future, made from a mix of the real city and Shanghai's business district, but cleaner, more walkable, and very transit-accessible. There's an in-joke just for Angelenos when Joaquin Phoenix steps out of a subway station and onto the beach in Santa Monica (later he seems to take a train into the mountains). Gizmodo got its hands on the movie's rail map, designed (along with all the other graphic elements) by local Geoff McFetridge. The geography's a bit fudged, but the system is pretty much unrecognizable either way: It has five lines and extends all the way to the Angeles National Forest, runs through the central city (including rail-hating Beverly Hills!), stops at LAX (multiple times), and includes a line through the Sepulveda Pass along the route of the 405. Super hot stuff. The system is run by the made-up Los Angeles Metro Light Rail authority, which has the motto "From the Summit to the Sea."