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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Report: Metro Planning and Programming Committee Meeting

From Sylvia Plummer, January 16, 2014

Ara Najarian made a motion to extend the 60 day public review period on the SR-710 draft EIR.  
The motion passed with a 90 day extension.    Ara felt that Caltrans would not give us 120 days, because they only gave 90 to the 710 South project.

This will now go before the Metro Board for consideration next week, Thursday, January 23.   So Mark your calendar.

There were 17 people that showed up, among them were Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, Pasadena City Council Member Victor Gordo, South Pasadena City Council Member Richard Schneider,  and Ann Wilson representing La Canada.  Fourteen people spoke before the committee.  Thanks to all that attended.

Thanks to Joe Cano who made the video: