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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SR710 - One Tunnel Option

 From Sylvia Plummer, January 7, 2013
The One Tunnel option was brought up at the last Metro Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting on 11/13/13.  Metro has added a '1 tunnel' option, with and without trucks.  Advertising it as 1/2 the cost and impact.
BUT Metro say's there will be a "second future tunnel" later.  
So, there is really no change, except to drag out the construction phase.

Above is the url for the handout from the TAC Meeting, see pages 32 and 33 for information on the 'one tunnel' option.

Metro has added a ‘raised tunnel profile option’ as well.  This option eliminates the need to rebuild the Union, Colorado and Green Street bridges.  But the tunnel will open further south near California, not Del Mar, and environmental impacts such as noise are more severe.  For more information see page 37 from the  TAC meeting handout.  

Metro has also added an option to incorporate on/off access at Del Mar.  Per Metro, this option will increase local street congestion and have a larger environmental impact.  See page 36 from the TAC meeting handout.