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Monday, February 3, 2014

Air Quality In California So Bad, Even the Healthy Encouraged To Stay Inside


By Sheree Geo, January 25, 2014


According to the AP, even healthy people are being encouraged to stay inside, due to air quality reports in the Central Valley.

Usually, these warnings only come about during the summer, and are only aimed at the elderly, children, and people with asthma and other breathing problems. However, a “haze of fine particles” has covered the skies from Stockton to Bakersfield this winter because an alleged “high-pressure ridge parked off the West Coast” is preventing storms from cleaning the air.

Our question takes it a step further, asking the question of whether or not geoengineering efforts or “weather warfare” could be to blame. This winter has been the most polluted on record, and even the AP reports “microscopic, chemical-laden particles” keeping children inside for recess and creating health risks for virtually everyone who ventures outdoors.

Another indication that something geoengineered is happening in Cali is that normally-healthy people, such as Kellie Townsend, have noticed a very different feeling in their lungs than normal:
 ”I’m scared. I can feel that something isn’t right. I can feel the tightness in my chest,” she told the Los Angeles Times in Saturday’s editions (http://lat.ms/1jvOebR ). “But I get tense when I’m inside too long.”
Cardiologist Dr. Pat Golden has told his patients to stay inside for almost two months. But after taking a walk outside recently, said:
“I prefer not to see what I’m breathing, and you can see this air,” he told the newspaper. “But I don’t know how to quantify the risk. I balance it against my peace of mind from being outside and moving my leg muscles. It’s a terrible choice to have to make.”
Yet another indication that weather warfare is occurring in Central Cali is the ongoing drought that the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District board says is causing the air to be so polluted.
Earlier this month, the board’s executive director, Seyed Sadredin, noted that other regions in the state have seen dirty air that exceeded federal health standards. The group has long maintained that the Central Valley should not be penalized for failing to meet federal clean air standards, in part because some of the pollution is wafted from elsewhere, including China.
Air quality “advocates” are even placing the blame for the pollution solely on the people who live, work, and breathe there:
“It’s building up and not blowing away because we need rain. But we’ve created every bit of what we’re breathing right now. We can’t blame San Francisco or China,” clean air activist Tom Frantz said. “What we’re seeing, is what’s ours to change.”
A more reasonable explanation is that drought-producing weather modification has made the air in the Central Valley unsafe to breathe, and that this will be used to further the neoliberal cause of creating an environmental police/nanny state.