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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Los Angeles Is Officially America's City of the Future


By Dennis Romero, February 20, 2014


From the Department of Stuff You Already Know we have this amazing story for you.

Los Angeles is No. 1 on a new list of "Best Cities of the Future in the United States." That, at least, is according to credit card comparison website CreditDonkey.

Is it because we were way ahead in the Latino (re-) conquest of America? Is it because we have the best university in the world? Is it because Angelenos are just so aesthetically pleasing? No, no, no:

The Donkey says it looked at cities' Census and other data to determine if people wanted to stay put, how old the housing stock is, how modern the infrastructure is, how many space travel–oriented businesses there are (we have Elon Musk's SpaceX) and, most importantly, how many Back to the Future–esque DeLorean cars are for sale (really).

Los Angeles topped the list, beating out No. 2 Bakersfield (Bakersfield?!), No. 3 Seattle (WarGames!), No. 4 Orlando (Disney World!), and No. 5 Denver (marijuana!). The full list is here.

L.A.'s DeLorean score (two for sale) was beat only by Miami's (three). Here's what else, according to the Donkey:

The area has the highest number of FAA-recognized space transport companies and planned spaceports in the country. The do-it-yourself method of future-building is also big in California — if you have about $20,000, there's a 1981 DeLorean nearby with your name on it.

... Most of Back to the Future was filmed in Pasadena, Burbank and other parts of the Los Angeles metro area.
Yeah, most of everything was filmed in the Los Angeles metro area. But still, we're proud of this distinction.