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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NFL Events Off the Table for the Rose Bowl This Year


By Rachel Young, February 11, 2014



 Following a recent lawsuit filed by neighborhood associations surrounding the Rose Bowl that ruled in favor of the City, City Council and the Rose Bowl Operating Company voted to limit the amount of large events to 18, take the NFL off the table for 2014 and limit the amount of walks or runs for the year.

Of the 18 events, which exceeds the normal threshold of 12 displacement events allowed, 17 are approved including a three-night concert of One Direction, an undecided two-night concert, the 10th annual Autism Speaks, an international soccer game, and the 88th annual July 4th Americafest.

“No NFL in 2014, it isn’t the ultimate answer but it’s certainly a step forward. Max at 18 major events isn’t ideal but it’s a step forward,” President of the Linda Vista Annandale Association Nina Chomsky said. “We seem to have a better understanding between all of us who are doing this. It isn’t the perfect world, but I feel things are getting better.”

While the NFL is out of the question for 2014, the discussion will not go away entirely until an approved alternative exists according to Councilmember Victor Gordo. Chomsky said she will be back in January of 2015 to fight the same battle.

Gordo, who serves as President of the Rose Bowl Operating Company, said the RBOC plans to consider minor events for supplemental revenue such as corporate events, film shoots, and other events that could use the field, pavilion or locker rooms.

For the fiscal year of 2015, beginning in July, the RBOC expects to double the amount of revenue generated from non-football displacement events from $1 million to $2 million.

Premium seating will also increase the revenues from UCLA games from around $2 million to a projected $7 million in 2014 according to Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn.

The amount of walks or runs hosted by RBOC will be limited to 13 and the City agreed to not exceed the three already planned events at the Rose Bowl including the Wiggle Waggle.

To limit the amount of minor events, the City will also conduct a study of all events occurring in the Central Arroyo including Kidspace, independently organized walks, bicycling events, and others. RBOC will split the cost for the event coordination study that will help establish a master calendar and allow for minimal impact on neighbors.

“As a frequent user of the arroyo on weekends, it’s the real annoyance events, the really small events with people that aren’t very well organized, the parking is all goofy, those are the kinds of events, that on the recreation use of the arroyo are a real annoyance so I’m looking forward to seeing that number come down after this study,” Councilmember Margaret McAustin said.